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Kurmalliance Continues to Raise Funds

Brock 1

When British Petroleum’s Deepwater Horizon spilled thousands of barrels of oil off the coast of Louisiana in 2010, local yoga teacher and activist Brock Cahill sprang into action, making several trips to the Gulf and using his personal funds to […]

The Surgeon and The Yogi

Surgeon General and Yogi

Brought together by crisis, reunited by gratitude By Aria Mayland The space between life and death is tenuous. No one knows, from one minute to the next, what might befall them. I don’t remember exactly how I felt on the […]

The Strength To Save Turtles


From Handstand To Lending A Hand In The Gulf, Brock Cahill Serves With Conviction Once upon a time there was a catastrophic oil spill. The characters include a global conglomerate that displayed blatant disregard for the delicate balance of our […]

Kombucha: Wonder Food or Dangerous Yeast?

PERHAPS YOU’VE HEARD SOME of the astounding claims surrounding kombucha: it helps the body fight cancer, detoxifies and alkalizes the system and reduces cholesterol. Though relatively new in the States, kombucha’s Far Eastern folklore stretches back 2,000 years. First mentioned […]

The Gifts and Challenges of Empathy

Aria Mayland

Cultivate energy, boundaries and develop intuition. Whether you’ve always known that you’re an empathetic person, or only discovered this gift quite recently, you deeply sense and resonate with the emotions of others, which often results in you being connected to […]

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