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Relating To Feet

Relate To Your Feet

Our Connection with Our Inheritance and the Earth Our connection to our feet is symbolic of our connection to the world around us. Are we tip-toers or stompers? Are we balanced or wobbly? Do those characteristics parallel what we know […]

Twisting Safely to Stimulate Digestion

Twists are a time-honored remedy to kick-start the digestive system when practiced with conscious attention to breath and posture. According to gastroenterologist Sabine Hazan Steinberg, MD, “Gentle yoga twists increase blood flow to the bowels. If followed by rest, twists […]

Growing A Home Practice

Luxuriating yoga sessions while at home can offer some of the richest experiences of centering that you may ever have. To achieve this, you’ll need to face the demons of procrastination and laziness as well as doubt about whether you’ll […]

The Yoga of Play

How yogic principles can be applied to play with children. When our hearts feel joyful, the practice of yoga and meditation can themselves be playful. The lessons we learn in this path: equanimity, focus, stability, resilience, perseverance, union, connection and […]

Meditating on How to Sit

Lao Tzu said: “Muddy water, let stand – becomes clear.” Sthira sukha asana. Posture should be steady and comfortable, as Patanjali states in the Yoga Sutra. No matter which school of meditation you choose to practice, the physical ability to […]

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