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Love your Neighbor, See Your Neighbor: Pico Union Project

Services at Pico Union Project Jewish tradition teaches “love your neighbor as you love yourself.” Easier said than done. Los Angeles is steeped in rich diversity and overflowing with creative and cultural possibility, yet as we pursue our fast-paced flow of commuting and computing around the city, we develop blind spots. Most of [...]

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The Meaning of Harambe: Freedom and Gorillas

Photo by: Marylee Fairbanks His name was Harambe, which means, “lets pull together” in one of the native languages of East Africa. He was a silverback Gorilla and is reported to be a Western Lowland Gorilla. If he were free, his home would be like  the slopes of the Virunga volcanoes where clouds meet [...]

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Hold on to Your Butt

A new Surfrider West LA/Malibu Chapter initiative wants to stop the littering of cigarette butts. Hold On To Your Butt because the Surfrider Foundation West Los Angeles / Malibu Chapter just brought a new program to our town with plans to do a whole lotta butt kickin’! Cigarette butts are made from a non-biodegradable plastic [...]

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Earth Day Gratitude

8 Tips to Green Your Daily Life Earth Day is an annual reminder that the planet needs us to step up our game now—not only for a holiday—but on a daily basis. Living a green lifestyle is essential to the sustainability of our common home. It is also good for our wallet, offering savings of [...]

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Marc Ching: Commitment to Action

Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation (AHWF) has gone the extra mile to save Fido from the slaughterhouse. Imagine if your commitment to service in action lead you to travel thousands of miles from home, away from your beloved family while placing your life in danger. Imagine if that action put you in foreign countries, where you [...]

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Seagoing Activism fuels Brock Cahill’s work with Kurmalliance

Kurmalliance Founder talks with LA YOGA Magazine about his commitment to the ocean, ways people can make a positive difference in everyday life, and more.   LA Yoga: What inspires your work with and commitment to ocean conservation issues? Brock Cahill: I am so in awe of our ocean. The ocean is the only source of [...]

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A Commitment to the Earth

  Doña María Apaza Gives Thanks in NYC and LA The Inkarri Cultural Association community in the US hosted Doña María Apaza to offer a series of teaching and healing ceremonies in New York and Los Angeles. She gathered people for a despacho (Earth healing ritual) in NYC’s Times Square as well as events in [...]

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Dress for Success Raises Funds through Wellness

The 5th Annual Power Walk for Dress for Success raised funds in Los Angeles for women in need. Photos by Sheng-te Yang Sometimes work can save our lives. “In order to gain employment and become self-sufficient, it is critical that women are also healthy and well! said Reena De Asis, Director of Dress for Success [...]

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Compassion in LA: Animals and Society

The National Museum of Animals & Society Promotes a Greater Vision of a Planet in which all its Inhabitants are Inherently Valued. Every social movement has a museum dedicated, or partially dedicated to its cause, such as civil rights and labor. One of today’s great humanitarian movements is animal protection and the museum supporting this [...]

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All Children Deserve a Chance

Szilvia Gogh’s decade of volunteering with A Chance for Children “Ten years ago, one of my scuba diving students told me about her volunteer work at A Chance for Children youth camp,” said Szilvia Gogh, PADI Scuba Course Director, inspirational jewelry designer, and entrepreneur.  Something connected in that moment. “I wanted to work with a [...]

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