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Demystifying Your Spring Cleanse


Spring is a time of birth and blossoming. It is also a time of transition and of letting go to create space for new beginnings. Understanding the energy of the season helps us to better integrate the tradition of spring […]

Probiotic Ghee

The value of pure cow’s ghee is repeated continuously throughout the Ayurvedic texts. Cow’s milk, yogurt, butter and paneer (fresh cheese) are all hailed for their pure vibration and nourishing influence in the physiology, but ghee is said to be […]

Mustard ? Bathe As a Way To Cleanse For Fall

From an Ayurvedic perspective, as we transition from the hot summer to the cool, dry and windy fall, which is governed by the vata dosha (air/ether elements), it is important to make sure we don’t dry out, burn out or […]

Mung: The Royal Bean


Yellow Pulses Support Health & Well Being My colleagues often ask me the difference between legumes, pulses, gram, dhal and beans. Before we dwell further on this topic, let me first clarify these terms. The term legume generally refers to […]

Pre-Cleanse and Post-Cleanse


Slowing Down and Revving Up Before and After a Cleansing Program When considering any typet of cleanse, it is important to properly prepare the mind, body and spirit for the experience. Think about driving on the freeway and what it […]

Getting To The Root: Cleansing, Grounding and Centering With Dashamoola and Bala

Seasonal junctures can be vulnerable times, making them opportune for cleansing practices. I In the fall, dispelling excess heat from the summer buildup of the pitta dosha (fire element) and calming the vata dosha (air and ether elements) smoothes this […]

Seasonal Cleanse: Jump-Start Body, Mind and Spirit

According to Ayurveda, seasonal changes are times of both vulnerability and opportunity, when we can release the past season’s accumulated buildup. Cleansing can jump-start our health: body, mind and spirit. I’ve wanted to do a cleanse for years, and considered […]

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