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Book Review – YogaLean: Poses and Recipes to Promote Weight Loss and Vitality—for Life!

Yoga Lean

Book by Beth Shaw Ballantine Books   Most weight loss or weight management programs are courses of limitation and deprivation with an underlying feeling of, “I’m not good enough, so I need to lose weight.” Calorie restriction and increased calorie […]

Snack Smart: Maximize Your Child’s Nutrition

Blueberry Muffing with Yogurt Parfait-8

For families who choose fresh, local, and organic whole foods, kids’ snacking can easily derail all healthful good intentions. The market is inundated with prepackaged snacks for kids—usually filled with toxic ingredients like food coloring, added preservatives, and excessive amounts […]

‘Tis the Season for Indulgence – Time to Indulge All Six Tastes to Maintain Balance

It’s no coincidence that holiday parties and celebrations occur in the season that according to Ayurveda, is characterized by the vata dosha (air and space elements). This is a time of erratic, cool winds and frenetic energy that stimulate an […]

Creating Calm During The Hectic Holidays


Ayurveda For Greater Balance Los Angeles, as our winter begins, even though it’s mild compared to other areas of the world, it’s still winter for us. The wind picks up, the days are shorter, and with the holiday season upon […]

Mung: The Royal Bean


Yellow Pulses Support Health & Well Being My colleagues often ask me the difference between legumes, pulses, gram, dhal and beans. Before we dwell further on this topic, let me first clarify these terms. The term legume generally refers to […]

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