The Prophet – Film Review

Roger Allers celebrates the human spirit in his animated feature film, Kahlil Gibran’s The Prophet.
Some of my all-time favorite films are animated features.  A new film has been added to my […]

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Film Review: Paulo Coelho’s Best Story

What happens to a brilliant child who is entirely misunderstood by his parents? What changes inside of us when our dreams are disregarded and our potential underestimated?
These are some of […]

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‘The End of the Tour’ Film Review

David Lipsky, as a Rolling Stone reporter, accompanied author David Foster Wallace on the last leg of the book tour for Wallace’s unexpected 1996 bestseller Infinite Jest. In this insightful […]

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Save The Humans Now

“What must we do in order to keep the human race alive and vibrant for the next generation?”
Beautifully shot and edited, Revolution is a remarkable documentary by Director Rob Stewart […]

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“Ride” Film Review

Helen Hunt’s character in the film Ride, (a movie she not only starred in, but also wrote and directed) is abrasive, crude yet dauntless and compassionate. The nuances found in this textured yet sympathetic performance shouldn’t surprise […]

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The Fourth Noble Truth Film Review

The Fourth Noble Truth is a romantic comedy about the choice to find freedom from suffering found in the right actions of the eightfold path.
Directed by Gary T McDonald
Produced by […]

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DIOR AND I – a documentary film about the Christian Dior house by Fre’de’ric Tcheng
“Dior and I” a film by Fre’de’ric Tcheng opened in Los Angeles and select cities nationwide on […]

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Sweet Micky for President Film Review

Directed by Ben Patterson
Reviewed by Karen Henry

Slamdance is like a second cousin to Sundance Film Festival, taking place simultaneously in Park City and often introducing first-rate films that are not […]

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Films with Spirit

Consciousness takes top billing on the Cinema Marquee

When we think about the previous year in review from the perspective of films focused on the spiritual themes, it feels as though […]

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Reporting from Sundance

Sundance 2015. It began with the flight attendant offering me a free bloody Mary on the DL for no apparent reason except to get the party started. Alrighty then!

As usual, […]

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