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Support the Ability of Yoga to UPLIFT!

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UPLIFT Yoga Bash and the mission of sharing mindfulness with youth We’re all looking for ways to uplift our lives and if we’re lucky, we are introduced to the tools and practices that promote health and wellness in all areas […]

Till the Cows Come Home: The Gentle Barn


If you want to know what love is, all you need to do is spent a few hours at a very special place called, The Gentle Barn. Founded in 1999 by Ellie Laks, on a half-acre property in Tarzana, The […]

Yoga Gives Back – Microcredit Lending

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From Posture To Power: Microcredit Changes Lives On Both Sides of the Ocean By: Kayoko Mitsumatsu We can talk about making change. But affecting real change in the world comes from impacting the lives of individuals. It comes from empowering people […]

Awareness Film Festival Supporting Efforts to Heal and Educate our Communities

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By Karen Henry Films that raise our consciousness related to healing, spirituality, the environment, veterans and humanitarian concerns, animal rights, and other pressing issues of today—these are the subjects filmmaker Skye Kelly is interested in conveying on screen. She does […]

Rising Lotus Seva Project


Offering Yoga with an open heart By Kelly Vogt Campbell The Rising Lotus Seva Project, a nonprofit organization that brings Yoga into underserved communities and people in need throughout Los Angeles, has been working in a variety of settings since […]

Urban Roots: Documenting A Backyard Revolution On Film


Leila Connors and Frank Fitzpatrick discuss the movement toward urban farming and community building in Detroit. “Opening a Yoga studio is one of the most revolutionary acts you can engage in today,” says film producer Leila Connors. “The practice of […]

West Hollywood Considers Fur Ban

West Hollywood city council candidate John D’Amico recently announced his intention to ban the sale of fur within city limits, which would make WeHo the first city in the United States to ban fur. The animal welfare community has come […]

The Therapeutic Practice Of Compassion: Jnani Chapman, RN, CYT


Jnani Chapman is a master at speaking to the body; she’s skilled at the sweet-talking compassion that expresses the type of love that we may be lucky to experience in this lifetime. Yet if we’re really lucky, we cross paths […]

Ayurveda Q & A

Dr. Parla Jayagopal

Ayurveda has been practiced in the US for only about 30 years, yet it is one of the systems of medicine native to India and is thousands of years old. Readers are invited to submit questions for “Ayurveda Q & […]

Vedanta Blossoms In Hollywood

The Vedanta Temple

In the past Century, from a remote village of India, Holy Mother, Sarada Devi, witnessing the blossoming of the Vedanta Center in the World, said that these centers were being built so her monastic sons could find and give refuge […]

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