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Pump Film Review

10516842_1483613831888950_5171419236314647803_n (1)

Directed by Joshua Tickell and Rebecca Harrell Tickell Reviewed by Karen Hemry The movie Pump may provide just the motivation for me to convert my car to an electric or Flex Fuel model in the near future.  The documentary points out that, […]

Forever 21 Raises the Roof on Sustainability


As part of the CLEAN LA Solar initiative, the wildly popular apparel store Forever 21 has committed to installing the nation’s largest single rooftop solar power system at their LA headquarters. Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, and Forever 21 Founder/CEO […]

Hemp History Week Making a Difference

Hemp 1

Hemp History Week hosts hundreds of events nationwide to educate people on the benefits of industrial hemp and encourage a lift of the ban on the growth of this crop. Currently, federal policy prohibits US famers from growing hemp despite […]

Seven Ways to Green Your Dinner Plate


  The ideals of consciousness teach us that we are connected to each other and to our surroundings. With this in mind, we can bring the same levels of mindfulness we cultivate on our yoga mat to our decisions when […]

Global Green

Photo: Derek Feniger,; Pictured: CEO Matt Petersen and COO Richard Wegman

Global Green was founded in 1993 by philanthropist and activist Diane Meyer Simon as the American arm of Green Cross International (GCI), an organization launched by President Mikhail S. Gorbachev in order to inspire people to reconnect to the environment […]

Permaculture In The City Five Suggestions For Sustainable Living

“The future of sustainability is in our cities and towns. Urban neighborhoods are ideal for the promise and potentials of permaculture design. Our cities embody the greatest concentration of the social, intellectual and physical resources needed to create a sustainable […]

Ecofact: Packaging, The Big And Little Plasticity Of It

The Green Yogi

It’s a tiny detail of everyday life: the packages things come wrapped in, and the ones we buy for putting them inside. If you take a trip to a big box store, or to shops that sell items in large […]

The Green Yogi: Urban Kinder-Gardeners

The Green Yogi

Creating An Organic Laboratory In The Valley Behind Room 28 of Kester Avenue Elementary School in Sherman Oaks, California the Ms. Anita Avalos’ kindergarten class have been becoming kinder-gardeners. The students, along with parents, teachers, and Urban Organic Gardener Michael […]

Ecofact: Green Education Begins At Home

Environmental education in our nation’s K-12 schools is on the rise with many states leading the way in providing support, training and curriculum. In California, the Education and Environment Initiative (EEI) was established in 2003 to encourage and provide support […]

The Green Yogi: Ecofacts: Spring Food, Real Food

The Green Yogi

Picture and feel the difference between walking down the center aisle of a supermarket, and walking through a Farmers’ Market, where you can actually feel connected to the source of real, live food and you somehow find that your mood […]

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