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LMU Yoga Therapy Rx at Venice Family Clinic


Yoga changed my life. At the pinnacle of decades in a high-powered corporate career, the ending of a long-term relationship, and the death of my father, I was diagnosed and then treated for breast cancer. I turned back to my […]

Yoga Therapy: Mind Body Research


Dr. Frederick “Rick” Hecht on the Value of Research in Finding a Place for Yoga and Meditation in Conventional Medicine The International Association of Yoga Therapists will hold its annual Symposium on Yoga Research September 24-26 at the Kripalu Center […]

Yoga Therapy – The Nature of Being Human


Judith Hanson Lasater explains how restorative yoga, and understanding your own human-ness creates the perfect atmosphere for healing. When I began my career as a yoga teacher many years ago, most of my classes were on the vigorous side: lots […]

Yoga Therapy – Healing with Yoga


Three Practices that integrate the therapeutic benefits of yoga into everyday life.   1) Modified supine twist: jatharaparivritti (parsva). This pose can be helpful for relieving constipation.   Lying on back with legs straight, allow arms to rest in a T […]

Yoga Therapy – Michael Lerner’s Vision Quest

In 1975, environmentalist, medical doctor, educator, and visionary Michael Lerner imagined a center that would change the way we care for our health as well as the health and wellbeing of Mother Earth. Over the ensuing years, Commonweal has served […]

Operation: Yoga

veterans 2

YOGA OFFERS MEANINGFUL HOLISTIC SOLUTIONS TO RETURNING VETERANS AND THEIR FAMILIES Studies and testimonials confirm that yoga and meditation are successful healing modalities for trauma. A growing body of research is showing that this is true for our veterans, proving […]

Yoga for Osteoporosis

Yoga for Osteoporosis

Sitting down with Rehabilitative Medicine Specialist Dr. Loren Fishman Loren Fishman M.D. has been a practicing rehabilitative medicine specialist for over thirty years. As a pioneer in integrative medicine, from the start of his practice, he incorporated yoga into patient […]

Urban Zen Integrative Therapy

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Fusing Eastern healing arts with Western medicine to create a conscious change in Healthcare “I was frustrated by the healthcare system because I felt it was only disease-oriented and that nobody was taking care of the patient…” explained fashion designer, […]

Sitting Down with Fashion Icon Donna Karan

Donna Karan urban zen 1

From dressing the body to addressing the spirit Urban Zen Integrative Therapies comes to Los Angeles An idea can spark a movement that gains momentum and reaches far beyond one person. This is the case with the Urban Zen Integrative […]

Supporting Fertility

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Brenda Strong discusses new answers for women coping with conception challenges “When you feel your body has betrayed you, there can be a lot of anger and depression, you feel out of control” says Brenda Strong, the first national spokesperson […]

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