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Aerial Physique moved to Los Angeles

Soaring Above the Ordinary
If there is one thing Angelenos are always in hot pursuit of, it’s a creative workout. For those who may have tired from endless crunches and arm […]

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SoulCycle Hollywood

SoulCycle opens its indoor cycling center in the heart of Hollywood.
Walking is more my speed, though every time I take an indoor cycling class I emerge feeling victorious, wondering when […]

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Grace and Grit

One Yogini’s story of combining CrossFit and Yoga
Koundinyasana and Kettlebells. Bakasana and Burpees. Downward Dog and Deadlifts. These are a few of my favorite things. I discovered blissful balance in […]

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The Hooping Life

Spinning Spirit into Balance
There was a time when the hula hoop was simply a plastic toy. For decades, since its invention in 1958, the large twirling ring-around-the-waist was a fun, […]

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Cross-Training Yoga for Hikers

Walking is one of the best forms of low-impact cardiovascular exercise we can do on a regular basis. The hiking trails found throughout Southern California offer numerous opportunities both scenic […]

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Climbing Beyond Fear

Stretching Ourselves to Grow the Inner Child

Interviews with Climbing Yogis

In both rock climbing and Yoga, there is always a possibility of losing one’s balance and falling. Both practices allow us […]

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The Yoga of Slacklining

In the realm of extreme sports, slacklining is steadily rising to the top as a dynamic training method for an assortment of athletes and adventurers worldwide. What began as a […]

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Olympic Team Practices Poolside Yoga

Yoga aids training for the Women’s Olympic Water Polo Team

Many sports enthusiasts worldwide are counting down to the 2012 London Summer Olympics begin on July 27, when athletic teams will […]

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Sitting Down with Olympic Champion Dominique Moceanu

By Vanessa Harris

Photos by David Young-Wolff

Olympic Gold Medalist Dominique Moceanu was the youngest member of the 1996 U.S. Women’s “Magnificient Seven” Gymnastics team competing in Atlanta–a team that was […]

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Barefoot Fitness

Barefoot and Strong: Fitness for Your Feet
By Katy Bowman, MS
Photos by David Young-Wolff

As the weather warms, the desire to go barefoot tends to increase. For some, going barefoot is a daily […]

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