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Cowabhujangasana!? Yoga for Surfers


Ujayii, the breath at the heart of most yoga asana practice, is oceanic in quality. Smooth, consistent, steady, audible. Teachers often instruct students to ride the breath like a wave, allowing the inhales and exhales to smoothly roll off one […]

Cross-Training Yoga for Hikers

Cross Training Hiking1

Walking is one of the best forms of low-impact cardiovascular exercise we can do on a regular basis. The hiking trails found throughout Southern California offer numerous opportunities both scenic and challenging to stretch out our legs and take a […]

Climbing Beyond Fear

Heidi Wirtz

Stretching Ourselves to Grow the Inner Child Interviews with Climbing Yogis In both rock climbing and Yoga, there is always a possibility of losing one’s balance and falling. Both practices allow us to push our limits. We can see the […]

The Yoga of Slacklining

Slacklining 1

In the realm of extreme sports, slacklining is steadily rising to the top as a dynamic training method for an assortment of athletes and adventurers worldwide. What began as a pastime for rock climbers waiting for the weather to improve […]

Olympic Team Practices Poolside Yoga

water polo update

Yoga aids training for the Women’s Olympic Water Polo Team Many sports enthusiasts worldwide are counting down to the 2012 London Summer Olympics begin on July 27, when athletic teams will demonstrate their excellence. To reach their level of expertise, […]

Barefoot Fitness

cross training

Barefoot and Strong: Fitness for Your Feet By Katy Bowman, MS Photos by David Young-Wolff As the weather warms, the desire to go barefoot tends to increase. For some, going barefoot is a daily treat, but for others unshod time can […]

Running Yogis


By Felicia M. Tomasko Photos by Tai Kerbs   Molly Paterno Molly has run six marathons: Los Angeles three times, her hometown of Portland twice and Boston once (with a personal record of 3:09). She’s currently training for her second […]

Yogis Are The Champions!


En Route To The Olympics By Editor   The USA Yoga Federation hosted the Annual International Yoga Championships, February, 2010, in Los Angeles. While Yoga Championships, demonstrations of the art of asana, are a feature of Yoga in India, the […]

Do Yoga, Stuff Don’t Break

Paul Eckstein

Yoga and Longevity On The Court Wayward jock – it’s a technical term describing me. I grew up playing games on the streets of New York City. The quiet tree-lined cul de sac outside my Brooklyn apartment was a natural […]

The Zen of Tennis


Breathing With The Ball Coordinating breath and movement creates a greater integration of body/mind awareness and increased physical and mental performance beyond the mat to make time on the tennis court more productive. Using your breath to first find a […]

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