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CD Review: Kirtan Wallah by Krishna Das


Krishna Das tells us he sings kirtan to save his ass, and that if he happens to save anyone else’s in the process, it’s just a happy by-product of his own practice. Dear KD, it’s okay if it works for […]

CD Review: Return to Shiva Station by Jai Uttal


There is nothing in the world quite like the voice of Jai Uttal. It’s the sound of heartbreak and sweetness and pure devotion. After spending his career blending bhajan with Western jazz, pop, reggae, and rock, he is now releasing […]

DVD Review: Mindfulness Meditations for Anxiety by: Ira Israel


  Optimal Integral Wellness Thinking about the future can steal our attention away from the present moment and can lead us down the jagged path of anxiety. In his new DVD, Mindfulness Meditations for Anxiety, Ira Israel presents seven practices […]

CD Review: Travel Well by: David Newman (Durga Das)


White Swan Records I first listened to David Newman’s latest album, Travel Well, as I was giving him a lift back to the city  from Bhakti Fest last Fall. Still drunk on the bhav, David popped a disc of the […]

Incantations by Sheela Bringi – CD Review

CD Review

Incantations by Sheela Bringi ShaktiSonics Music The first time I was introduced to the mystical sounds of Sheela Bringi was at her informal performance during the savasana portion of Sacred Dance Live in Santa Monica. With rave-like lasers still swirling from […]

India.Arie – Prepare to Fly


India.Arie Embraces Meditation and Yoga to Fuel her Latest Album Many a yogi’s playlist has included a heartfelt composition by Grammy-winning soul singer India.Arie since her 2001 Motown Records debut, Acoustic Soul. India.Arie takes us right along with her with […]

Book Review – Tipping Sacred Cows by Betsy Chasse

tipping cows

Tipping Sacred Cows by Betsy Chasse Atria/Simon & Schuster Betsy Chasse, best known as the co-creator of What The Bleep Do We Know?!, takes us on another kind of spiritual journey in these pages: a journey that encourages us to […]

Savasana #3: Natural Beauty by Wah! (Review)


  What can I say about Wah! that hasn’t been said already? Wah! was at the vanguard of the new yoga music/kirtan movement before magazine covers, yoga festivals, and yoga music record labels. Wah! was there to draw the blueprint […]

Touched by the Sun by Todd Boston

Touched by the Sun CD Cover

Tk label Touched by the Sun, Todd Boston’s second solo album, is a beautiful offering to the yoga, spiritual, and world music community. Todd is a regular fixture at yoga and music festivals and regularly accompanies renowned spiritual music artist […]

Urban Monk: Exploring Karma, Consciousness, and the Divine

Urban Monk Book Cover

Gadadhara Pandit Dasa Conscious Living, LLC At first glance, saffron-robed Gadadhara Pandit Dasa, a Hindu monk born in India and raised in America, appears to be the typical monastic hermit. As he regales us with the story of his journey […]

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