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Book Review: Misadventures of a Parenting Yogi


by Brian Leaf New World Library Having a child means that life as you know it is over. Or at least that is what parents tell expecting couples who nod politely, never really knowing what that means until they are […]

Book Review: Guruji’s Gift


by Alanna Zabel  Illustrations by Mary-Margaret Mitchell AZIAM Books Some of the most lasting childhood memories are shaped by books. Do you remember that feeling of awe inspired by a magical tale, or of being instantly transported to a faraway […]

CD Review: From Within


By Nirinjan Kaur Spirit Voyage The mysterious power of sacred Naam, the sound current of the ocean of consciousness, is reflected powerfully in Nirinjan Kaur’s voice. She is accompanied here by Matthew Schoening and Ram Dass Khalsa: these musicians open […]

CD Review: Crystal Chakra Healing


By: Waduda, Prasanna, and the Mystery New Earth Records To appreciate this album’s simplicity and power, let go of expectations and experience the healing properties of a tonal series of music from seven crystal bowls, chosen for their tonal healing […]

DVD Review – Gravity and Grace


By: Peter Sterios Elevate Films   Gravity & Grace 2—Yoga for Longevity is the wonderful follow-up to Yoga instructor and Manduka founder Peter Sterios’ critically acclaimed first Gravity & Grace DVD. Directed by Elevate’s Mikki Willis, it features unique customizable […]

Book Review – Indie Spiritualist: A No Bullshit Exploration of Spirituality


By: Chris Grosso Beyond Words   Author Chris Grosso is a musician covered in tattoos; a recovering addict well-versed in what it means to look inside oneself and be at peace. Indie is divided into “sides;” an homage to Grosso’s […]

CD Review: A Thousand Suns


GuruGanesha Band Spirit Voyage Records Yogi Bhajan said that inside each human being is a light that is brighter than a thousand suns. His lectures inspired many songs and his messages set the vibration for this powerful, intuitive series of […]

CD Review: Igniting the Beauty

Brenda McMorrow

Brenda McMorrow White Swan Records  Brenda McMorrow’s Igniting the Beauty captures the sweetness of the sacred sound experience. The title itself speaks to the unique beauty we all embody, the beauty that ignites our heart fire when we chant and […]

DVD Review: The Yoga of Food

The Yoga of Food

Josie Kramer, MA TK company Food is meant to nourish our bodies and souls. A juicy peach or a perfectly ripe heirloom tomato can provide us with nutrients and sweet memories. Unfortunately, for so many people today, their relationship with […]

CD Review: Moments from the Life Stories of Strangers, Part One


Steven Chesne with The Luminous World Orchestra Brahmasong Records    Listening to this CD, you feel as if you are ensconced in a film. Musical swells and orchestral instrumentation are layered to create cycles of tension and release. What strikes […]

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