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GOLDA All Natural Soaps

The New Shape of Soap
The Japanese holistic qi therapist Keiko Matsuo had childhood dreams of a career in medicine…traditional medicine that is. Instead Fate led her wandering a more homeopathic […]

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Spa, Wellness, and Travel

Looking for the answer to bright and shiny hair?  Chia Seeds may be the answer.
By Tiffany Caronia

We keep hearing about the benefits of eating chia seeds and seeing these omega […]

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Seeking Solace in Savasana

Yoga Entrepreneurs Launch YUNI, the first Yoga-inspired beauty brand
by Sara Falugo

Last year, I was introduced to Emmanuel Rey, founder and CEO of YUNI, a natural line of personal care products […]

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Mushroom Magic: Cordyceps

Picture this: A mushroom (well, really a fungus), grown on the backs of caterpillars, that not only improves mental energy but increases sexual vigor and athletic performance.
It may sound […]

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Father’s Day Gifts: Skincare for Men

Why not ditch the tie this year?  Father’s Day Wellness Gifts: Skincare for Men
When choosing personal care items to use after hot yoga, a session at the gym, or just […]

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Earthy Beauty: All Natural Beauty Products

Earthy Beauty: Marina Chetner’s Guide to All Natural Beauty Products
Turning to all-natural is the new, holistic approach to skincare, and plant-based ingredients make a powerful impact when it comes to […]

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Face Grace – Pure Skin Care


An enthusiastic Ayurvedic practioner, Chandanni Miglino believes that what you put on your skin feeds the body. Her new line of beauty products contain organic oils and aromatic essentials oils. […]

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SkinAgain to the Rescue

SkinAgain – Vegan, Gluten-free and Cruelty-free Skin Care
SkinAgain founder Sherrie Berry developed the formulations for her line of skincare products out of personal necessity. A 2006 chemical explosion left her […]

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Dermalogica BioActive Peel Review

Spa Treament Review of Dermalogica BioActive Peel
In any season, sometimes what our skin needs most is a bit of a refresher. Dermalogica’s BioActive Peel is a botanically based version of […]

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