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Yoga Shelter

Yoga Shelter
An ashram in India is a place where people can retreat for physical, mental, and spiritual self-care. The Sanskrit word “ashram” can be translated into English to simply mean “shelter.” These are places where we can feel safe and at home—are key ingredients in one’s practice. Yoga Shelter in Studio City is a place that provides just that. The classes are personal, flowing, and inclusive. Students can choose from slow flow, fusion, yoga rocks, or Xflowsion.

The studio features ongoing classes as well as exciting and innovative events including Eric Paskel’s Revolution, which empowers students to stand up to the behaviors, habits, and fears that hold us down by challenging the participant on many planes to face self-imposed limitations, combining both the physical and mental approaches of Yoga.

Yoga Shelter also offers a free Vedanta Study Group on Sunday nights with Joseph Emmett. Emmett explores the study of the Vedanta philosophy and provides spiritual approaches to those big philosophical questions we try to avoid including, “What is my purpose” and “Where am I from?”

Everyone deserves a shelter and home away from home.

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