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Luminaries freshman album: “One”

LuminariesIn the 70s, the Z-boys made Venice Beach famous for its quintessential lifestyle with skating and surfing. Now the hip-hop band Luminaries has increased the spotlight on the Westside as a hub of conscious and spiritual living on their full-length album “One.” One features guest performers including kirtan artist C.C. White on “Surrender,” I, Star & Maesyn on “Peace,”and Trevor Hall on “Be The Change.”

“Move with the Light” and “Everything is One” demonstrate that the songs and even their titles are modern-day mantras. These are anthems, upbeat motivational hip-hop speech sure to incite and motivate while inspiring the listener to stand up and dance. It’s movement with a message as the band members mindfully pour their experiences and hearts into the lyrics and vibrations. Yet they do more than just recite mantras, the Luminaries live what they preach: Each member has a track record of a range of service including teaching and activism.

The group is collectively a vortex of positive change through their music and the events they host via Lu Fam Pro productions (including regular Wednesday night experiences at Zanzibar in Santa Monica). Participants will not only witness the band singing “Drunk Off Kombucha” but they can sip on kombucha sold at the bar.

The Luminaries will be heading off at the end of March to headline the Bali Spirit Festival, an annual Yoga, dance, and music celebration in Indonesia. For more information regarding Luminaries, visit

Reviewed by Vanessa Harris

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