Self-Care As Self-Love

Self-care practices rich in nourishment and self-love can be found in Ayurveda.
For any operating system, regular maintenance is key to optimal performance and longevity. For our human operating system maintenance includes […]

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The Power of Space in Healing

Yoga is a method of healing.
Beyond the postures, the breathing, meditation, visualization and manipulation of flows of energy through locks (bandha) help people transform their lives, heal injuries, and improve […]

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Meditation, Success, and Being Prepared for Rejection

Lessons from Self-Made Billionaire John Paul DeJoria
Success has many definitions. Entrepreneur John Paul DeJoria helped build two billion dollar brands: John Paul Mitchell Systems and The Patrón Spirits Company. This […]

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The Den Meditation

Hollywood welcomes a meditation and community space catering to both the beginner and the master.
When you first walk in the doors of The Den Meditation in Hollywood, you feel as though […]

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Meditating with The Radiance Sutras
One of the genius insights of yoga and meditation traditions is that we can pay attention to the flow of life through our bodies. We have […]

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The Urban Monk book review

The Urban Monk offers secret remedies to cope with our hectic urban lifestyle.
There may be days when we long to escape to a monastery, cave, or meditation hut but we have […]

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Lessons for Living Life

Reflections from Near Death Experiences
There are moments when we catch a glimpse of something beyond our everyday existence and have a visceral experience of knowing we are not alone. There […]

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Rest and Relax to Counteract Adrenal Fatigue

Why so many yogis have problems with their adrenals and what to do about it.
Healthy, relaxed, peaceful, flexible, a layer of core strength and a generous dollop of surrender. […]

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A Musical Journey with Whitney Allen

Using the connection with music to enhance yoga practice sequence

I remember the first time I stepped into Whitney Allen’s class in Los Angeles 14 years ago. I was a relatively new yoga […]

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The Surrender Experiment Book Review

Let Go and let God. Ishvara Pranidhana. Kneel before the Lord. Surrender to Source.
Different forms of spirituality or religion emphasize the importance of surrendering to something greater than yourself with […]

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