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Love in Action: Kate Duyn Cariati

Kate Duyn Cariati shares a practice inspired by a lifetime of exploration and self expression.
A small girl sits on the floor, swirling in circles while watching Wonder Woman. Not […]

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The Power of Space in Healing

Yoga is a method of healing.
Beyond the postures, the breathing, meditation, visualization and manipulation of flows of energy through locks (bandha) help people transform their lives, heal injuries, and improve […]

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Teacher Profile: Kathleen Ross-Allee

Kathleen Ross-Allee provides yoga therapy for the recovery and healing process of cancer patients.
Photos by David Young-Wolff

Before she became a yoga therapist or even a fitness and wellness professional, a friend […]

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Book Review: Trauma-Sensitive Yoga in Therapy

Trauma-Sensitive Yoga in Therapy by David Emerson — Bringing the Body into Treatment
(W.W. Norton and Company) A systematic process for addressing trauma in a clinical setting has been outlined in the new […]

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An Invitation to Practice: Opening the Door to Yoga Students with Disabilities

6 ways to create yoga classes for people of all abilities and body types
It was 1995. It was the second yoga class I ever taught. I remember it vividly because […]

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Cancer Support Community, Los Angeles

Cancer Support Community, Los Angeles celebrates the Benjamin Center Awards Leaders
At their annual Gilda Award Gala, the innovative Cancer Support Community (CSC) Benjamin Center honored Kimberly Fowler and Sherri Rosen from […]

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Interoception: Mindfulness in the Body

Yoga Therapy: The Continuum of Embodiment
What does it mean to be embodied? And doesn’t yoga already take care of that? When we take a closer look, the answer might surprise us.

Think […]

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Healing the trauma of modern-day slavery

Yoga Therapy: Healing the trauma of modern-day slavery
For D’Lita Miller, her yoga practice helped cope with years of pent-up anger and aggression.  In this case, Miller’s emotional backlog is because she […]

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The iRest Program for Healing PTSD

Book Review?: The iRest Program for Healing PTSD By Richard Miller
New Harbinger Publications

One of the cofounders of the International Association of Yoga Therapists and a pioneer in the field of […]

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Maitri Yoga Store

Maitri Yoga store provides accessories to enhance the yogi who wishes to deepen their practice.
In February, 2015, Maitri Yoga Store opened their doors to create space both for people to enhance […]

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