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About Ally Hamilton

Ally Hamilton is a Santa Monica based yoga teacher, author and life coach, who connects daily with yogis all around the world via her online yoga classes. She’s the co-creator of She’s the mama of two amazing kids and one energetic Labradoodle. Her first book, Open Randomly: Fortune Cookies for the Soul is available on Amazon, and her next book, Yoga’s Healing Power: Looking Inward for Change, Growth and Peace is due from Llewellyn Worldwide in August 2016.

Three Steps for Transformational Yoga

Finding the Inspiration for Change Many of us who have been attracted to any healing modality found that our journey began in the moment when we said one essential word, “Enough!” This moment becomes our springboard for change and our inspiration for transformational yoga. We all may have great ideas about how other people should [...]

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Embrace Change Shift Patterns

    One of the benefits of our yoga practice is the ability to embrace change and shift our samskaras, which are our unconscious patterns. It is a process that has been an important part of my own life. If you had blended my mom and dad into one person with the traits that caused [...]

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Love in Action: Kate Duyn Cariati

Kate Duyn Cariati shares a practice inspired by a lifetime of exploration and self expression. A small girl sits on the floor, swirling in circles while watching Wonder Woman. Not a child of yogis, her body intuitively loves to make shapes and move. Today she still teaches this circling movement, but she calls it “Lucky [...]

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Teacher Profile: Lauren Peterson

Lauren Peterson Photo by Jeff Skeirik/Rawtographer When you see pictures of Lauren Peterson in Yoga, the book published by Yoga Journal, or watch her unbelievable YouTube videos, where she's blithely moving through Ashtanga’s fourth series at the age of 53, you might assume she'd be a serious yogi with no time for fun [...]

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