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DIOR AND I - a documentary film about the Christian Dior house by Fre’de’ric Tcheng “Dior and I” a film by Fre’de’ric Tcheng opened in Los Angeles and select cities nationwide on April 17.  This leisurely paced yet captivating documentary takes the viewer inside the Spring 2012 arrival of designer Raf Simons’ to the storied fashion [...]

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Shortcuts to Mindfulness: 100 Ways to Personal and Spiritual Growth

Book Review: Shortcuts to Mindfulness: 100 Ways to Personal and Spiritual Growth by Cathering Auman, LMFT Green Tara Press In this fast-paced world, many of us don’t have the time to relish this journey of life. We are overworked, underpaid, and disconnected. This can cause dis-ease. However, we can push the reset button by utilizing some [...]

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The Three-Minute Cure: A conscious stress management practice

Engaging in The Three-Minute Cure is a conscious stress management practice that can elicit the Relaxation Response. While negotiating the obstacles of Delhi’s traffic, including families on motorcycles, mobile street vendors, and cows meandering across the roadway, my driver, Kumar, a yoga practitioner who likened himself to a Grand Prix racer, maintained a remarkable measure [...]

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Seva/Selfless Service

Year Two: Conscious Typhoon Relief Fundraiser for the Philippines “I will lay every brick, and sink every nail with love.” – Patrick Doles, EarthCoco Founder As a global community, what we do to support our collective family worldwide has powerful effects, not only when it comes to hands-on efforts and fundraising, but also how we [...]

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Yoga on Location: March 2015

Yoga On Location: Ione Skye with her dogs in her Laurel Canyon home. photo: DavidYoung-Wolff.com Ione Skye is best known as an actress in films such as Say Anything, River’s Edge, and Zodiac and the TV show Arrested Development. She has practiced Kundalini Yoga for about 20 years as part of her passion [...]

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Festivals March 2015

Festivals March 2015 Alchemy Event presents the 11th Global Consciousness event: “Survival of Humanity” Los Angeles, March 27-29. Looking to create a new path for humanity and be part of a positive movement? For a global group that believes in new ideas for ways of living and promoting a better future for generations to come? [...]

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Retreats March 2015

  Retreats March 2015 3-Day Liver/Gallbladder Cleanse with Frank Ferranti Hacienda Hot Springs, Desert Hot Springs, CA, March 29-31 Join internationally known wellness advocate Frank Ferrante and Sedona Wellness practitioners for a three-day cleanse in the heart of Sedona at a private tranquil desert resort, Hacienda Hot Springs Inn. Frank Ferrante is the motivational speaker [...]

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Book Review: Heart of Miracles

Karen Henson Jones debuts her memoir, Heart of Miracles Transformation is the theme of the tale Karen Henson Jones relays in her debut memoir Heart of Miracles, that follows seven meaningful years of her life. Karen is a yoga teacher as well as a graduate of both Cornell and London Business School; she began questioning [...]

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The Yoga Diaries: Stories of Transformation Through Yoga (Volume I)

Book Review The Yoga Diaries: Stories of Transformation Through Yoga (Volume I) The Yoga Diaries: Stories of Transformation through Yoga is a comprehensive collection of powerful personal stories by yogis from all over this big blue ball we share. The richly varied personal stories are written in the writers’ own voices, allowing us to intimately [...]

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