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About Olivia Kvitne

Olivia Kvitne is a Los Angeles yoga instructor specializing in yoga therapy for veterans struggling with PTSD. One of the influences in her life was her grandfather, a WWII vet, and later a psychiatrist who embraced using the mind to heal the body: TheYogaAbbey.com @OliviaKvitne

Urban Zen Integrative Therapy

Fusing Eastern healing arts with Western medicine to create a conscious change in Healthcare “I was frustrated by the healthcare system because I felt it was only disease-oriented and that nobody was taking care of the patient...” explained fashion designer, philanthropist, and long time yogini Donna Karan in an interview with LA Yoga Magazine. She [...]

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Supporting Fertility

Brenda Strong discusses new answers for women coping with conception challenges “When you feel your body has betrayed you, there can be a lot of anger and depression, you feel out of control” says Brenda Strong, the first national spokesperson for the American Fertility Association. A yoga practitioner and teacher for 23 years, Brenda developed [...]

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Golden Bridge Establishes a Westside Presence

On May 4, 2013, Golden Bridge Yoga opened its newest location in Santa Monica. It is already an influential presence in the Kundalini Yoga community, with two other locations firmly rooted in Hollywood and Manhattan. Established in 2002, the flagship Hollywood studio was co-founded by Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa, who began studying with Yogi Bhajan shortly [...]

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Heart & Soul by the Kirtaniyas

The Kirtaniyas is a group of four young and enthusiastic musicians who share their knowledge and respect for traditional kirtan music and have come together to bring a fresh sound to an ancient art. In their album, Heart & Soul, the quartet move seamlessly from the sweet melodic sound bath of “Invocation,” to the energetic [...]

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