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Sara Ivanhoe MA has been teaching yoga since 1995. Sara is a graduate of the MA program in Yoga Studies at Loyola Marymount University, where she now teaches. She serves as the faculty advisor for YogaGlo.

Ana Funes and the Subtle Body

Ana Funes photographed by David Young-Wolff   “Don’t just accept everything that the Yoga Sutra tells you,” Ana Funes says to her students. Dr Ana Funes Maderey teaches in the Master of Arts in Yoga Studies program at Loyola Marymount University; her students are enthusiastic yogis and yoginis (female yogis) pursuing the academic [...]

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Developing the Superpower of Direct Focus Dristi is most commonly known as the gazing point on which the eyes may focus. The word “dristi,” derives from the Sanskrit root “drstr,” which is where we get our English word “to direct.” Dristi can refer to a focal point, yet it is more than simply where we [...]

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LMU Launches Master’s Degree in Yoga Studies

Every true invention garners the same response: I can’t believe that doesn’t exist already—how is that possible?  This just happened to yoga. While we think we’ve seen everything when it comes to yoga; what the West has not yet seen is an accredited academic program devoted to Yoga studies. Not a teacher training nor certification, [...]

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Shakti Festival Survival Guide

Tips for Festival Survival Spring has fully sprung and with it, the Festival Season. First on the list is Shakti Fest, held in Joshua Tree. The days and nights of May will be filled with yoga classes, spiritual lectures, organic vegetarian food and singing and dancing to the call-and-response sacred music of kirtan under the [...]

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Yoga for Sleep

Yoga to Promote Sound Sleep When asked of the Buddha “Are you a man, or a God?” the Buddha replied... “I AM AWAKE.” I’ll start with the bad news—in some cases, chronic insomnia has no real cure. While there are many types of insomnia and many reasons for sleeplessness and sleep difficulties, for some of [...]

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It Happens…Stress

  You get stuck in traffic, you can’t find a parking spot, or you just plain lost track of time. This does not make you a bad person, nor does it make you a bad yogi. And just because you are running a few minutes late to class doesn’t mean that you should ditch the [...]

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Your Whole Life Is A Vinyasa

When I started coming to Yoga Works in 1993, I’d already been practicing Yoga for close to ten years, but as an athletic pursuit thrust upon me by my hippie high school teachers. I could do most the poses with ease, but because of this ease, my practice required very little consciousness. So it was [...]

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