Rising: EarthRise SoundSystem Remix Project

  EarthRise SoundSystem latest album features musical guests Vishal Vaid and MaxZT. (Black Swan Records) The acclaimed production duo, Derek Beres and Duke “Mushroom” Schommer, aka EarthRise SoundSystem (ERSS), have combined their musical expertise to mix dozens of international and electronic artists. Additionally, they’ve released three acclaimed albums—two of their own music, and one featuring their remixes [...]

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Music Review: Leaps and Bounds by The Hanumen

Hanuman has always resonated with me—his warrior attitude mixed with humor. It’s my approach to life, so I was eager to hear The Hanumen’s Leaps and Bounds. The group members are friends who are talented multi-instrumentalists trained in the sacred music of India and Africa: John de Kadt, Benjy Wertheimer, Gaura Vani, and bassist Purusartha [...]

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Chapter of the Forest music review

Chapter of the Forest, a tranquil musical exploration of respite for the soul. (Vanguard Records) There comes a time in every musician’s life when retreating is not only crucial for one’s creativity, but essential for survival. Some of the things that can arise from this much-needed respite for the soul include: a sincerity that can’t be [...]

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Music Review: Kirtan: Yoga for the Heart

Music Review: Kirtan: Yoga for the Heart by Ryan Brewer (Ryan Brewer) Artist, musician, and teacher Ryan Brewer’s debut album transcends genres and generates a universal love that is felt from the moment you hit play.  His devotional voice is a perfect match for the catchy melodies that allow listeners to learn after only the [...]

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Dreaming in Sanskrit Music Review

Music Review: Dreaming in Sanskrit by Marti Nikko and DJ Drez (Black Swan Records) The first time I heard Marti Nikko sing, I was in savasana; Micheline Berry was teaching, DJ Drez (Nikko’s husband and frequent collaborator) spinning.  I was struck by the resonance, melody, and powerful vibration of a voice that reached beyond the studio.  [...]

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Universal Light Remixes (From The Unchanging), Donna De Lory

Universal Light Remixes (From The Unchanging), Donna De Lory CD Review De Lory Music Donna De Lory is a strong presence in both the pop and world music scenes; her initial career boost came as a hard-working back-up singer for Madonna before taking off as a pop star in her own right. After some successful [...]

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CD Review: Doorways to the Infinite

Doorways to the Infinite By Sally Kempton Sounds True Since the advent of the Internet, spiritual information is prolifically available. Discerning fools-gold from precious alloy takes a level of clarity only honed by deep inner work. What really liberates us from our own conditioned ways of living as small, separate, and incomplete? How do we [...]

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Tabla Mantra by Daniel Paul featuring Gina Sala and The Kirtan All-Stars

Tabla Mantra Music   Tabla Mantra welcomes the listener to a sublime dream world of sound and intricate rhythms woven together through the heart. This album is unique with its base in the Indian style of singing called tarana. It features an underlying slow and prosaic love song to god, followed by lyrics that are [...]

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Yoga Moods 2

compiled by Beth Shaw Sequoia Records If you have been looking for something to freshen up your yoga playlist, or something to turn on when you want to unwind at home, the new compilation Yoga Moods 2 offers a solution that cultivates an chill ambiance. This album flows with songs that are perfectly suited for [...]

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Heart of the Universe

Heart of the Universe Snatam Kaur and Peter Kater When I first learned about the Snatam Kaur and Peter Kater release, Heart of the Universe, I couldn’t wait to listen. For years, I've long been a fan of both these unique artists. Peter Kater is a multi-platinum Grammy-nominated composer, songwriter, and pianist whose recording Essence [...]

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