Yoga-urt Brings Vegan frozen desserts to Glendale’s Kenneth Village

Glendale welcomes Yoga-urt, a dessert shop carrying dairy-free, kosher, non-GMO, organic frozen yogurt. Glendale’s Kenneth Village is a already destination for foodies, pedestrians, and yoga students (Yoga Vibe LA at the Village). Now it is a destination for the newest vegan soft-serve frozen desserts; the new shop on the block is Yoga-urt. The vibe for [...]

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Fala Bar

Los Angeles welcomes all vegan, organic, and kosher fast food joint, Fala Bar. Fala Me to Heaven, Fala Me To Runyon, Fala Me To KALEifornia. These are just some of the evocative names of the dishes at Fala Bar. This “always vegan, always fresh, always organic” and kosher fast food joint is located in an [...]

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Put Some Honey on It

Yogi Food: The many benefits of adding high quality, organic honey into your diet. by Matthew Kenney The far most important element of raw food, or any food for that matter, is the sourcing of high quality, seasonal, local when possible, organic ingredients. Without them, you are already limiting your chances of preparing great, healthy food.  This [...]

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Rockstar Health & Fitness: Wyclef Jean

Rockstar Health & Fitness: Wyclef Jean My favorite memories of working with Wyclef Jean involve numerous occasions of him stopping by my office for a visit that began as a business meeting and then became a dance party.  At the time, he had just released his solo album, The Ecleftic: 2 Sides II a Book.  [...]

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Beaming: Organic, Gluten-free and Dairy-free in Santa Monica

Beaming:  The flagship location for Organic, Gluten-free and Dairy-free in Santa Monica Enter Beaming for a feel-good high.  Whether it is the store name that makes you smile, the healthy food, or the shop’s positive energy, this place is a mood lifter. Founded in 2011 by Lisa Odenweller, Beaming was inspired by preventative health expert [...]

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Lydia’s Raw Green Gazpacho Recipe

Gulten-free, raw, organic, and vegan, some might say that Lydia's Organic is the healthiest food around. This Raw Green Gazpacho is served best with Lydia's New Rawkin' Beet Chips. Yields 3 qts of soup Ingredients:  2 ripe tomatoes (in winter, add 1/4 sun dried tomatoes) 4 celery stalks 2-3 peeled cucumbers  2 red peppers 1/2 [...]

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Dosa Dosa’s Spiced Mango Lassi

One of our favorite items to serve at Dosa Dosa is this spiced up version of the traditional mango lassi.  A great accompaniment to a spicy dosa, this cooling yogurt and mango shake is sweetened with honey and served ice cold.  It's easy to make at home with the right ingredients, especially ripe, juicy, melt-in-your-mouth mangoes! [...]

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The Case for Cooperatives

A new Food Co-Op is forming in South LA Think Globally, Act Locally. We’ve heard this adage a number of times. One way to transfer these words into action is by participating in an alternative to big box stores: cooperative businesses, or co-ops. A cooperative business is owned by its members, and in some cases, [...]

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