Vedic Astrology February 2013

The Yoga of Discrimination Rules the Month

There is a high capacity for arguing and bickering with Mars and Mercury joined in Aquarius for the entire month. These two planets have a naturally inimical relationship with each other, as Mercury rules speech and Mars rules action. Impatient speech and unfocused action can lead to frustration and irritability for the entire month. But this placement can also refer to “Jnana Yoga” (the yoga of discrimination). Remember, if you are feeling irritated, keep it to yourself.

February 2-5
February begins with a lot of intensity as the Moon will be joined by Saturn and Rahu before moving into Scorpio, its sign of debilitation. You may feel a lot of personal and relationship pressure at this time. You may also feel the need to be alone to sort out your feelings and make sure you are approaching others with reasonable boundaries and from a place of mutual respect.

February 9
Deepening our commitments and facing our fears will be dominant themes for the next 30 days, as the Sun and Moon join in Capricorn. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, the planet of time – giving the capacity to let go of things when their time is finished and commit to things when their time has begun.

The big issue with Saturn is fear. We hang onto things and people too long, often because we are afraid of being alone or facing ourselves without them. Make sure to carve out a special place of solitude for the next 30 days.

This new Moon happens in the Nakshatra of Dhanishta, which is related to wealth. Often, money is a big issue that keeps us attached to things and people. But the deeper principle is wealth and value, beyond the commercial. May this also be a principle of reflection this month.

February 10-11
Be careful of impatience and irritability when The Moon joins Mars and Mercury. As I described earlier, the Mars/Mercury conjunction this month can lead to a lot of arguing and battling over principles and frustrated actions. With the Moon here, we are really “feeling it” now.

February 17-19
Connection, hope, and peace are all very accessible between as the Moon goes through Taurus, its place of exaltation; it joins Jupiter, the planet of teachers and Gurus there. Now is the time to put your teachings into practice and feel them in your heart. The moon is exalted in Taurus because its fixed earth quality stabilizes the (usually) restless heart. Now is the time for us to sink into the depth of feeling and intuition, rather than riding on the incessant waves of emotion.

February 24
Alert the authorities and get your astrological excuses ready, as the great astrological tar baby “Mercury retrograde” begins – running backwards until March 18. The creative option of a Mercury retrograde cycle is to slow down before you speak and cleanup the details of your life before it starts. Mercury rules words, details, and your acuity with them. It is also the time for writing and journaling.

February 25
Passionate self-expression and emotional clarity will be featured on the Full Moon in Leo. This Full Moon is in contrast to the placement of Mars, Mercury, Sun, and Venus which are all in Aquarius, the sign of selfless service. Personal strength connected to our heart’s desire (Leo) must be at the root of any “service oriented” activities (Aquarius). Now is a time to reflect on the connections between your personal and civic duties and responsibilities.

This Full Moon happens in the Nakshatra of Magha, the seat of royalty and benevolence within us. The heat and power of your “inner King” must be given freely and expressed as generosity if you are to truly shine. Think of the Sun in the sky: It does not hold on to power. Instead it is given freely, vitalizing creation to all fortunate enough to receive its rays. This is the same treasure you hold. Feel it now.

February 27-28
Connecting to your teachers and teachings will be important and easy as Jupiter in Taurus aspects the Moon in Virgo. This is an excellent time to study subjects such as astrology, Yoga, and other metaphysical teachings. Look for an important teacher or life lesson to inspire you at this time.

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