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WHY Music in Schools

Music, Mindfulness, and Movement Go to School “I learned how much power music has and that it affects so much more of the brain…it has so much power over your emotions. It makes you feel happy when you’re sad and it makes you feel energized and calm. Different music can have different outcomes. It’s really [...]

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Youth Yoga Week

Start summer with Youth Yoga Week from May 16 - 20, 2016 in Los Angeles! If you dream of yoga being offered in more schools throughout Los Angeles—connect with the nonprofit organization Youth Yoga. May marks their second annual Youth Yoga Week and since last May they’ve organized ongoing yoga programs at Abraham Lincoln High [...]

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The One Tool Your Child Needs for School

Reasons why Ujjayi, a breathing exercise, should be used in the classroom. So, your kids are all ready for the new school year.   Backpack? Check!   Pencils and erasers? Check!   Notebooks? Check!   Ujjayi?   Ujjayi?   You don’t mean you forgot the ujjayi, did you???   Back to School time can be [...]

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Kids Yoga : A Primer for Parents

The benefits of Kids Yoga include building positive qualities such as self-esteem and respect, promoting physical strength, learning body awareness, and coping methods for stress. It’s been 14 years since I entered my first yoga class…reluctant, kicking and screaming. A seasoned athlete, I couldn’t imagine what yoga could possibly offer for me besides, perhaps, some [...]

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Training to Teach Kids: A Place for Play

One teacher’s experience as a student in a kids yoga teacher training by Melissa Brooke Soltman “If it’s good for the kids, it’s good for humanity,” declared our energetic, fearless facilitator, Cayetana Rodenas, at the Rainbow Kids Yoga three-day Yoga for Kids and Families Teacher Training in San Diego. Senior Trainer Rodenas steered 30 eager [...]

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Six Steps to Parenting in the Present

Living with Intent: Six Steps to Parenting in the Present I believe we all have messy journeys. Sometimes we feel like we have life figured out: work, relationships, our physical and emotional health. And then, there are times when we meander from the path: falling into bad habits, wondering if we are relevant, and questioning [...]

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Yoga and the Inner Mom

Yoga Practice - A lifelong journey of learning how to mother ourselves As Mother’s Day approaches, I am reminded that I never had children of my own, something that always surprises me. I love children, and I always assumed I would have them. It’s not that I didn’t want them; it’s just that my life didn’t [...]

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Teaching Children Gratitude and Contentment

  The Sanskrit word santosha means contentment. Contentment is a slippery idea: If we say that we are not content, or feeling discontented, there are those who will look upon us as being ungrateful, or needing to work harder. If we say that we are content, there is sometimes the illusion of complacency. How can [...]

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Conscious Parenting: Our Children, Our Teachers

  Many of us in the Yoga community believe in the idea of reincarnation. If you subscribe to this thought, then perhaps you have had the awareness that your child is wise far beyond their years. Sometimes it feels like we are living with ancient, wise Buddhas, who just happen to be running around in [...]

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Cobra In The Classroom

Can Yoga Help Kids And Teens Learn? Have you ever found yourself wishing that the practice of Yoga were available to you as a child or teen in school? Fortunately, many kids and young people today will look back on their school days and recall learning downward facing dog and/or breath of fire. The benefits [...]

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