9 Healthy Skin Practices for Frequent Fliers

Carry-on Compliant Suggestions for Skin Care Are you a frequent flyer looking to stay as healthy as possible and arrive at your destination with perfect skin and complexion? Did you know when flying you are exposed to more harmful toxins than most places on land? Between the exposure to cosmic radiation during air travel, recirculated [...]

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Build an Ayurvedic Six-Taste Plant-Based Bowl

Find Balance in Plant-Based Bowls as Simple Meals Have you ever walked away from a meal craving something else about an hour later? That’s because you didn’t fulfill the body’s natural desire for all of the six tastes, as they are described in Ayurveda. When you consume a meal that contains the six tastes, you [...]

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5 Practices to Support Healthy Feet

Photo of Ellette Craddock and her happy feet by David Young-Wolff. Rings by Sonja Picard. Bringing some attention and intention to our daily practices can help us have a better relationship with our feet. After all, for many of us, our feet are our point of contact with the earth. These 5 practices [...]

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Winter Solstice Practices from Yoga and Ayurveda

Rebirth of the Light: Tending the Inner Fire at the Winter Solstice – New Year Inside the fertile darkness the light emerges... The Winter Solstice on December 21 is the darkest point of the year. At this time, ritual and celebratory fires are lit across the Earth. This includes Yule logs in Northern Europe and the [...]

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Five steps to harmonize your circadian rhythm and reduce fatigue

  Boost Energy and Reduce Fatigue Using Your Body’s Clock How many times a day do you hear someone complain of being exhausted or stressed? Maybe when a friend asks you how you’ve been, your standard reply is “busy” or even “tired.” It’s a common complaint. This is particularly true at the end of the [...]

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Survive the Cold and Flu Season with Ayurvedic Remedies and Rejuvenation

Fall is a time of shorter days and longer nights. It’s also the season when we may be more susceptible to the spread of colds and flus. When we implement some remedies and step up our self-care, our health benefits. The cold and flu are both viruses (small infectious agents that can replicate inside the [...]

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Shinrin-Yoku: The Practice of Forest Bathing

For as long as I can remember, the forest has been a place of healing for me. As a child I would gravitate to the woods for hours. As an adult in this modern multi-tasking world, it has been harder to keep up the habit regularly. I mean, really - if you go outside, you [...]

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Self-Massage Guide Ayurvedic Style

Ayurvedic Abhyanga for Self-Care When you want a quick and easy way to feel like you’re at a spa every day without leaving your home, schedule an appointment for an Ayurvedic self-massage. Abhyanga is the Sanskrit term for this ancient Ayurvedic practice that nurtures the body, softens, smoothes and hydrates the skin, stimulates the lymphatic [...]

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The Cosmic Origins of Reishi

  Mushrooms, including reishi, are also known to affect the psyche and perception in ways that aren’t yet fully documented or understood scientifically. Reishi does not induce psychotropic experiences, but it appears to expand perception. Let me attempt to explain some possibilities for this potential, as well as delve into many mysteries around the origins [...]

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Travel Tips: 10 Ways to Maintain Vitality While on the Road

  As someone who is frequently on the go, I have developed my top travel tips to maintain vitality on the road using the wisdom of Ayurveda. These simple yet life-saving practices help me stabilize the body during times of change—changing location, time zones, routines, and more.   From the perspective of Ayurveda, the energy [...]

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