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5 Tips to Support Your Massage Treatment

Receive the Most Benefits from Your Massage The best massages often include preparation. These expert tips help you receive the greatest benefits during and after your massage treatment. 1. Just Show Up The most important thing to do to get ready for a treatment is to just show up. Don’t allow anything to override this [...]

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Slow Beauty 101

How I Found Slow Beauty My relationship with Slow Beauty came through my own practice. About eight years ago while I was going through the motions of checking multiple emails, voicemails, and social media accounts, I realized that the world had changed forever. To a certain extent, the changes are positive. We are becoming more connected (virtually), and [...]

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Skincare for Runners

Yoga Teacher and Runner Jocelyn Solomon photographed by David Young-Wolff.    Whether you are training for a 5K, 10K, half-marathon, or even the full 26 miles, skincare is vital. Running the trails outdoors leaves your skin exposed to the elements. Both sun and wind can create challenges for the skin.   Maintaining healthy, [...]

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GOLDA All Natural Soaps

The New Shape of Soap The Japanese holistic qi therapist Keiko Matsuo had childhood dreams of a career in medicine…traditional medicine that is. Instead Fate led her wandering a more homeopathic path to healing. As a youth navigating her parents’ chronic illnesses, massage therapy especially captured her curious mind. In a career spanning 30 years, [...]

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Spa, Wellness, and Travel

Looking for the answer to bright and shiny hair?  Chia Seeds may be the answer. By Tiffany Caronia We keep hearing about the benefits of eating chia seeds and seeing these omega 3 oil-rich seeds being incorporated into delicious recipes. Now, Trissola Professional has created Chia Smoothing Oil to infuse the superfood benefits of these [...]

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Seeking Solace in Savasana

Yoga Entrepreneurs Launch YUNI, the first Yoga-inspired beauty brand   When I was introduced to Emmanuel Rey, cofounder and CEO of YUNI, a natural line of personal care products designed by and for yogis, it was a casual meeting at the French Market Cafe in Venice, a personal favorite for over a decade. A dear student [...]

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Mushroom Magic: Cordyceps

Picture this: A mushroom (well, really a fungus), grown on the backs of caterpillars, that not only improves mental energy but increases sexual vigor and athletic performance. It may sound miraculous, yet practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) have long understood the benefits of cordyceps, also known as “vegetable caterpillar.” Taken topically or orally, the [...]

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