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Embodying the Energy of the Goddess Kali in Dealing with Racism in America

Meeting the Goddess Twenty years ago, I went to India for the first time. As a left-brain Westerner with a PhD, I was not prepared for many of the powerful and inexplicable experiences that I would encounter during the next nine years of visiting and living there. On my first trip, I was told that [...]

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5 Gyres’ Steps for Reducing Plastic Consumption

The tagline of 5 Gyres is “Science to Solutions.” Their research contributed to the US federal ban on plastic microbeads and their mission is to empower action against the global health crisis of plastic pollution through science, education, and adventure. 5 Gyres offers action steps for reducing plastic consumption Bring your own shopping bag. On average, [...]

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Campaigns to Reduce Plastic Consumption

#PlasticFreeJuly Shift your plastic consumption habits for the summer and beyond. By 2050, there will be more plastic than fish in our oceans. This frightening statistic is cited by numerous advocacy groups such as the nonprofit Plastic Pollution Coalition. While this may seem years away, the plastic in our oceans today is having significant negative [...]

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Planting Trees as Practice: Jade Yoga partners with Trees for the Future (TREES)

  “Buy a mat, plant a tree.” This tagline is part of the story of Jade Yoga. Yet it is far more than just a tagline. This initiative is part of the mission of the family-owned and run company. From tree planting to other programs, Jade Yoga engages in initiatives that recognize our interdependence, in business [...]

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Reflections on the #MeToo Movement

As an actress and a yoga teacher, I have my own stories that fall under the #MeToo Movement. This hashtag has brought up a number of reflections for me. The #MeToo Movement and the Meaning of Life As I was reflecting on these ideas, I did a Google search to ask, “What is the Me Too [...]

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5 Steps for Creating A Purpose-Driven Life

How to be an Engaged Citizen and Live a Purpose-Driven Life Advocacy, community engagement, civic leadership, and wellness comprise my core values as well as my areas of professional focus. I have worked in both public and private sectors to promote the yogic ideals of service and engagement in everyday life. These ideals are part [...]

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Earth Guardians’ Xiuhtezcatl Martinez on Music as a Source of Purpose and Resilience

Xiuhtezcatl Martinez: Earth Guardians’ youth director and Conscious Life Expo keynote Speaker on consciousness and music As the youth director of Earth Guardians and as an activist, there are times in my life when I’ve felt lost within the chaos of movements. It’s crazy how much is happening, and there is always more to do [...]

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Veterans Yoga Project Approaches PTSD with Mindful Resilience

  Rebecca Smith photographed by Jessica Serra Huizenga at The Confetti Bar.   As an Army medic, Sara Limb was in constant rotation between training in Korea and combat in Iraq. This resulted in four years of sleepless nights and a schedule that no human can withstand for long – at least not [...]

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Tzu Chi embodies Charity through Compassion and Good Works

The Tzu Chi Thousands of Helping Hands Charity Art Performance raises funds for this faith-based organization's global acts of compassion.   The worldwide nonprofit spiritual organization Tzu Chi spreads a mission and a message. In Southern California and beyond, the worldwide nonprofit organization Tzu Chi spreads the message that giving awakens kindness and [...]

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Youth Empowerment: A Program with Peace Guardians

  Rows of brightly colored yoga mats lined the exterior of LA Live. Long yellow school buses arrived to drop off dozens of children from both the Afterschool All Stars LA Program and The Watts Bears for a program sponsored by UNICEF.   Behind the stage, seven adults in teal uniforms held hands and set [...]

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