Take Your Workout on the Road

How Can You Take Your Workout on the Road? Welcome to Part II of sticking to your Eat Clean Lifestyle while on the road! In my previous article, How to Eat Clean When Traveling, I shared how to manage accessing clean food on the road. It’s easy to do with the right information. Naturally what [...]

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Yo-Box Combines Yoga, Boxing, and Dancing for a Mindful and Explosive Workout

Yo-Box Combines Endurance and Mindfulness in Each Session Hey, have you ever thought of combining workouts like boxing, dancing, and yoga? Well, I have! Yo-Box® is the result of 20 years of my personal practice as well as my work as an instructor in a variety of mind-body modalities. At its physical roots, Yo-Box® is [...]

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KINRGY by Julianne Hough Inspires Self-Expression

Julianne Hough and KINRGY Guides New Fitness/Dance Crossover KINRGY is on the Move KINRGY Founder Julianne Hough is an acclaimed, award-winning, world champion dancer who knows a thing or two about choreography. She’s been awarded a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Choreography (Dancing with the Stars) and has been nominated for many more. [...]

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Heart Healthy HIIT Workout

Photo of Lauren Williams by Justin Steele Step up Cardio to Improve Physical Performance Cardio isn’t just for the endorphins. (Although who doesn’t love a little endorphin rush?) And it’s not just calorie burning. (Although it’s important to stay on top of that too.) Cardiovascular exercise is also vital for a healthy heart. [...]

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