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Normandie Keith; Lit From Within

Normandie Keith photographed at her home by Cheryl Fox. Clothing by Lavaloka There are some people who remind you that there’s magic in this world. Beings who shine so bright they can sometimes blind. Normandie Keith, with her long blond braids and thousand-watt smile is one of these people. She has the ability to [...]

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Yoga Teacher Jessica Rosen: Practicing One Down Dog at a Time

Photo of Jessica Rosen by Sarit Rogers To call Jessica Rosen busy is both an understatement and a simplification. A youthful, playful spitfire as well as a woman who values community, Jessica Rosen is a yoga teacher who is the founder, owner, and director of popular One Down Dog yoga studios in Silverlake, [...]

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MC YOGI writes Spiritual Graffiti

MC YOGI photo by Estevan Oriol A Practice with MC YOGI A sleepy English bulldog naps in a pool of afternoon sunlight on the cool polished concrete floor of Wren & Wild, a sort of holistic hub that houses a highly curated resale shop, a healthy beauty products store and a big yoga [...]

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Yoga Teacher Ahmed Elaasar

Photo of Yoga Teacher Ahmed Elaasar by David Young-Wolff   Yoga Teacher Ahmed Elaasar is dedicated to his practice and his passion for sharing the teachings of yoga with others. He has a perspective on yoga that comes from traveling the world. After traveling the globe, he decided that LA is the place [...]

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Yoga Teacher Maeve McCaffrey

Photo of Maeve McCaffrey by David Young-Wolff. Clothing by Spirit Activewear. As a Yoga teacher, Maeve McCaffrey is both generous and kind. She greets students with a smile when she teaches challenging yet clearly-instructed and well-paced classes. Maeve teaches at YogaWorks and Equinox. What inspired you to begin teaching yoga? I was exposed [...]

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Jivana Heyman Speaks about Accessible Yoga

Jivana Heyman and students at the Santa Barbara Yoga Center. Photo by Sarit Rogers When I met Accessible Yoga Founder Jivana Heyman, I was struck by how much he lives the values of Accessible Yoga. He is an example of these values in every way. His attitude, demeanor, and approach to teaching are [...]

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Yoga Teacher Dana Kraft Combines Passions for Education and Practice

Yoga teacher Dana Kraft is wearing Kali sports bra—print ($49) and Jennifer legging—print ($69) by Will Lane (will-lane.com). Photo at Astronomers Monument at Griffith Observatory at Griffith Park by David Young-Wolff (davidyoung-wolff.com).   Yoga Teacher Dana Kraft Yoga teacher Dana Kraft brings the experience of joy to everything she does—especially every class she [...]

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Jesse Schein: From Rock Star Yoga Teacher to Reality TV Star

  I met yoga teacher Jesse Schein while on the set of a docu-series—the reality television show Yoga Girls (which airs Sundays at 8 p.m. ET on health-entertainment cable network Z Living). We were doing a photo shoot in the blazing late afternoon sun. Our jokes about feeling a bit out of place and our [...]

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Yoga Teacher Leigh Simran Brown

Photo of Leigh Simran Brown by David Young-Wolff. Clothing by Yashel Athletic     Yoga Teacher Leigh Simran Brown teaches at Yoga at The Raven and is a licensed spiritual therapist at Agape International Spiritual Center . She is also the Executive Director of Office of Reverend Michael Bernard Beckwith. What inspired you to take [...]

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Yoga Teacher Thea Pueschel

Photo of Thea Pueschel by David Young-Wolff   We had the chance to connect with Yoga Teacher and Hypnotherapist Thea Pueschel about her practice. After shooting some photos at the Shakespeare Bridge in Los Feliz, we learned something about what keeps her inspired and on the mat.   What inspired you to take your [...]

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