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Acceptance: A Journey of Mental Illness, Motherhood and Yoga

An interview with He Came In With It author Miriam Feldman about the immense fallout of her son’s schizophrenia. The schizophrenia diagnosis of Miriam Feldman’s teenage son, Nick, was the catalyst for an avalanche of turbulence, pitching her family wildly and permanently off course for over a decade, and unraveling any concept of a ‘normal’ [...]

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Elevating Consciousness with Medical Intuitive-Healer Kimberly Meredith

Kimberly Meredith Shares that Healing is Multidimensional “I don’t believe in anything you do. But I’ve been healed today.” Medical Medium, Gifted Intuitive, Energy Healer, and Spiritual Teacher Kimberly Meredith has received letters from more than one person with this kind of sentiment. Yet she also receives testimonials from people who do believe. The manifestation [...]

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Wellness Has a Diversity Issue

Wellness and Community We are living in a time where pretty much every aspect of our society is being questioned, from America electing its first "black" president to Starbucks mandating that its entire staff undergo diversity training, to the boycott of luxury brands for failing to hire black designers. America is confronting the same problem [...]

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Topical CBD for Pampering and Pain Relief

  CBD (cannabinoids) are the non-psychoactive medicinal components of hemp. Full-spectrum hemp products contain an array of cannabinoids. Useful for pain relief, these powerful anti-inflammatory agents have healing effects. According to Certified Cannabis Coach and Mosaic Wellness Shop owner Karin Clarke, “Topical CBD is absorbed through the skin to interact with cannabinoids receptors.” Ayurvedic Practitioner [...]

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Mosaic Wellness CBD Education in Valley Village

Mosaic Wellness Shop of Valley Village is an uplifting and brightly illuminated storefront housing a pristinely organized and abundant apothecary of CBD education and CBD products. Everything contains  less than .3%, of THC intoxicants. The space includes a warm and soothing, intimate studio, allowing for small group classes that feature CBD use. (They have samples [...]

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Guide to Popular Massage Modalities

What to Know When Choosing  a Massage When you're looking at a spa menu or choosing how to spend your time on the massage table, it can be helpful to understand more about some of the different popular massage techniques and modalities. Here is our guide with the info: Swedish Massage This technique includes long [...]

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How to Schedule A Successful Massage

Expert Tips on Successful Massage: Making Therapeutic Choices Massage is one of the remedies available to us for many of the challenges of the modern world. Even in a single session, we can experience appreciable reductions in stress hormones, improvement in immune system function, and better overall resilience. Successful massage therapy helps us cope. And [...]

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