How Nature Supports Wellness

  Nature Supports Wellness through Living in Rhythm: A Conversation with Desi Bartlett Time in nature supports wellness in so many ways. As a Naturopathic Doctor, I talk with my patients often about the importance of being in nature for healing, and I love the following quote by Hippocrates, "Nature Itself is the best physician." [...]

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Stay Present During the Holidays

It IS Possible to Stay Present During the Holidays and Beyond The holidays start in November and go full force until New Year’s Day. They are almost always a whirlwind, crazy time. You often find yourself exhausted and even sick wondering how it all flew by so quickly. Seriously, how does it go by so [...]

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4 Key Ways to Avoid Burnout

What Does Burnout Really Mean? And How Do We Avoid Burnout? As we head towards the close of the year, you may notice that you’re feeling more frazzled than usual. Perhaps your energy isn’t exactly where you want it to be, or that you’re feeling more impatient, worn out, stressed out, frustrated…or maybe all of [...]

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Why Learn How to Say No

Learning How to Say No Will Lead to a Life of True Emotional Freedom and Liberation Why do we want to learn how to say no? The art of saying NO is something we are never taught. Think about it. From a young age at school, we are told what to do. We start learning [...]

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How to heal from trauma through love, personal development and getting in tune with your body

Some Considerations to Heal from Trauma When it comes to how to heal from trauma, we must start with understanding. Many people do not know that trauma lives within the body – not just the memory within the mind. Trauma is caused by a stressful occurrence “that is outside the range of usual human experience,” [...]

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