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New Yoga Gear to Support Goals

Need New Yoga Gear? Check out our Guide Shopping can be mission-driven when we find yoga gear to support goals. Support your practice and discover products produced by conscious and conscientious mission-driven small businesses. PATHWATER PATHWATER is on a mission to eliminate single-use plastic bottles by offering a sleek and stylish alternative. PATHWATER is the [...]

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Gift Selections for the Everyday Yogi

  From clothing to conscious jewelry, a pilgrimage to foods and snacks to support health and wellness, check out our gift selections for the everyday yogi. Bohemian Island Gifts don't get much better than the unbeatable comfort of Bohemian Island's 100% cotton harem pants. All the way from the beaches of Thailand, these outrageously [...]

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Gift Guide for Yogis: Tools for Everyday Living

Our selection of items in this gift guide for yogis features a number of tools for practical everyday living. These include Ayurvedic copper water bottles by AYUR Bottle, performance clothing by Soybu, NeoCell's hydrating Glow Matrix, Niyama's gorgeous print leggings, One Tribe Apparel, artistic jewelry by Civeletta, essential oil candles by David Oreck, STRETCH Wash to [...]

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Check out these Head to Toe Gift Guide Ideas

In order to live the yogi's lifestyle, give gifts that are life-enhancing, made my ethical companies, that enhance that lifestyle from head to toe. We've curated a selection of items including 100% botanical skincare by Benedetta and non-slip socks with affirmations and mindful sayings by Toe Talk. The #GoToInfinity bag by Dash Dash Dot Dash [...]

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A Selection of Conscious Gift Guide Suggestions

While we don't really need anything for our practice, some of our curated Gift Guide items can be welcome additions for daily use. Try giving an antibacterial cover for a yoga block (blocsoc), inspirational jewelry (Gogh Jewelry Design), chocolate (Wei of Chocolate), cushioning for joints (Yoga Jellies), high-performance clothing (Yummy & Trendy), bottles that create restructured [...]

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Gift Guide Recommendations for Yogis from Bliss Network Team–Part 3

  Gifts that are both practical and life-changing can be a joy to either give or to receive. This is true any time of the year, and especially during the holiday season. We benefit from exchanging gifts with meaning and purpose. In this installment of our gift guide recommendations for yogis, we highlight a number [...]

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Gift Guide Ideas from Bliss Network Team Part Two

We can support our practice through our tools. These can allow us to grip the floor as we move, to carry our gear, to take care of our skin and to wear our intentions by our hearts or on our sleeves with jewelry that has meaning. Whether you're looking for the perfect thing to add something [...]

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Gift Guide Ideas from the Bliss Network Team

When it comes to finding just the right items for your favorite yoga, sometimes we all need a bit of inspiration. The Bliss Network Team has gathered a selection of Gift Guide items to help you find treasures for the holidays and beyond. Gift Guide Merakalpa Mala Kits Untie Your Mind, Knot Your Intention. The [...]

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Karma Yoga On Ma Ganga at the International Yoga Festival

At the International Yoga Festival, the sun had yet to rise over Rishikesh, as more than 300 yogis from around the world unrolled their mats along the banks of the Ganges River. Ma Ganga whispered an eternal ohm as she rushed over the rocks, reminding us that she flows from the feet of Shiva and [...]

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