Music Promotes Wellness, Health and Well-Being

How Music Entrains our Minds for Positive Well-Being Humans respond to music emotionally and science shows us that it does something unique to our brain. Ultimately music promotes wellness and well-being. Brainwave entrainment is the phenomena that neural waves synchronize to a new pattern in response to stimuli, and music is a powerful tool for [...]

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Music Meets Mindfulness: Sereza Conquers the World of Conscious Pop

When Lisbeth Mego stepped on the music scene more than a decade ago, little did she know she would become a celebrated Conscious Pop artist. Known by her stage name Sereza, the mother of two inspires with tunes that are an impressive balance of whimsical, divinely feminine, high-energy, and undoubtedly captivating.  Incredibly self-assured yet also [...]

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Embodied Resilience and Sharing the Gift of Yoga

Embodied Resilience Contributor De Jur Photographed by Sarit Rogers Embodied Resilience through Yoga Embodied Resilience through Yoga: 30 Mindful Essays about Finding Empowerment after Addiction, Trauma, Grief, and Loss is a collection of personal essays about finding resilience through yoga. The book offers profound wisdom on how your practice can help you carry [...]

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Cassandra Kubinski Reminds us we are Stardust

Cassandra Kubinski Uplifts through Music Connection. Love. Hope. Invincibility. “Our love’s rengerating. Our love’s a force of healing." These are the words we need right now. Lyrics like, "Our love is all creating.” It's important for us to remember that our connection, our love, our voices, can ignite the healing that we all need and [...]

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Infinite Potential: A Film About Our Interconnectedness

Infinite Potential Filmmaker Paul Howard talks about Lessons from Physics & Philosophy “We aren’t just things in space. We are places of transformation.” Artist Sir Antony Gormley offers this reflection about an hour into the powerful documentary Infinite Potential. Filmmaker Paul Howard takes on a seemingly daunting task in this film. Infinite Potential examines the [...]

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Tune into Inspiration with CGood TV

When you need to see something good… CGood.tv is a new streaming platform that is dedicated to conscious, uplifting and transformation films, series, documentaries, music videos, podcasts, live events, and more. There is something for every mood and amount of time. Cgood.tv is now live and available for free! “I always wanted a media platform [...]

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All Creation is a Masterpiece by Karen Seva

There is Beauty Everywhere: All Creation is a Masterpiece In moments of challenge and strife, we need reminders of what it is we are fighting for. We need to remember what we are coming together to support and protect. Karen Seva’s thoughtfully spiritual music video “Masterpiece” is auspiciously released on the Full Moon Eclipse on [...]

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Jai Uttal Releases Instrumental Album Gauri’s Lullaby

After Years of Mantra, Jai Uttal Releases Instrumental Album Jai Uttal's powerful album, Gauri’s Lullaby: Music for Healing and Other Joys is born from the heart and infused with love and devotion. This is an amazing gift to the world: Jai Uttal releases instrumental album. The collection heralds the mystical rhythm of uncertainty in a [...]

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I Chose Life: Stories of Suicide & Survival

Film as Activism in Understanding Mental Health May is Mental Health Awareness Month. On May 10, filmmaker Jacqui Blue released her second documentary, I Chose Life: Stories of Suicide & Survival.  This followed a virtual premiere screening event on the 7th. Jacqui Blue felt it was important to address suicide by covering multiple aspects of [...]

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