The Portal, a Documentary on Meditation and the Power of the Human Mind

How our Minds Can Collectively Shift the Course of Humanity The documentary The Portal explores the power of meditation and the positive outcomes that emerge from committing to a mindfulness practice, such as inner stillness and interconnectivity between individuals and all living beings. The film offers up the possibility that mass meditation carries the potential [...]

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The Documentary Film Fantastic Fungi Shows All Mushrooms are Magic

  In a time when people are increasingly feeling disconnected and discontent with the present and future of our species. Fantastic Fungi shines a much-needed light on hope. This is a story about reconnecting with one of our oldest allies: The fungi kingdom. The friendship between fungi and humanity is a long-standing bond. Mushrooms hold [...]

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The Benefits and Best Practices of Sound Healing 

Karen Seva Music Photograph by Martin Piers Dunkerton Traveling at the Speed of Sound Before there were eyes to see when a vast darkness still permeated the void, All rested beneath a firmament of Sound.” - Jeff Volk Everything makes music: the trees, the flowers, the birds, the stones, even human beings. Some [...]

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Seane Corn Shares her Revolution of the Soul

I knew that I was going to love Seane Corn’s long-anticipated Revolution of the Soul as soon as I opened it and saw Allen Ginsburg’s “Footnote to Howl”. This includes some of my all-time favorite words ever written in a poem: “The world is holy! The soul is holy! The skin is holy! The nose is holy! [...]

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