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Fresh Start Detox by Your Super Foods

Delicious Detox Recipes   The owners of Your Super offer their suggestions for a food-based delicious detox. Michael: Growing up as an athlete, and playing tennis at the professional level, I felt invincible! That changed when I was diagnosed with cancer at age 24. While recovering and trying to rebuild my immune system, I learned [...]

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Demystifying Your Spring Cleanse

Spring is a time of birth and blossoming. It is also a time of transition and of letting go to create space for new beginnings. Understanding the energy of the season helps us to better integrate the tradition of spring cleaning our homes and spring cleansing our bodies. A cleanse is a ritual intended to [...]

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Cleansing With Kitcheree

  From an Ayurvedic perspective, Spring is the time of new beginnings, growth and expansion. This is the time of year when the kapha dosha (the energies of water and earth) are increasing. Whenever kapha increases in the body over and above the appropriate amounts, it can exacerbate the factors that cause disease. Spring, then, [...]

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Mustard Bath for a Fall Cleanse

From an Ayurvedic perspective, as we transition from the hot summer to the cool, dry and windy fall, which is governed by the vata dosha (air/ether elements), it is important to make sure we don’t dry out, burn out or space out. One of the ways in which we can do this is through bathing. [...]

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Pre-Cleanse and Post-Cleanse

Slowing Down and Revving Up Before and After a Cleansing Program When considering any type of cleanse, it is important to properly prepare the mind, body and spirit for the experience. Think about driving on the freeway and what it would be like to go from eighty miles per hour to standing still. This is [...]

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The Ayurvedic Magic and Mystery of Cleansing and Revitalizing The Body Will Heal Itself Our bodies heal themselves. They knit themselves back together when cut, they process, digest, detoxify and remove built-up material daily. But we do have to give our bodies the proper environment in which to heal and stay balanced. Sometimes that requires [...]

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