Meditation Becomes Empowered on Mahasivratri

Meditation Photo by Sej Saraiya Mahasivratri is a Path of the Inner Pilgrimage of Practice Mahasivratri is a significant spiritual festival observed by millions across India. This time is dedicated to Lord Siva, who destroys everything that is limited. Mahasivratri holds the blessings of the unlimited, the Spirit. Lord Siva (Shiva in North [...]

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Empower Yourself this New Year with Inner Engineering

The Practices of Inner Engineering Support Achieving Goals It’s that time of the year again. Amidst the festivities and the shopping, there is a New Year’s resolution gaining resolve somewhere in the back of your mind. As you’re thinking of working towards creating a better you, consider a choice that can empower you to achieve [...]

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What Really Happens in Meditation

  The Thoughts that Arise in Mediation “Oh my God, it is such a relief to just sit down for a minute.” “F**K, there are a million thoughts flying everywhere.” “All I can think about is all the unfinished stuff on my to-do list.” “This can’t be right. All I can feel is the pressure [...]

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David Nichtern on Meditation

Duncan Trussell and David Nichtern at Samarasa Center in Los Angeles While on retreat with Ram Dass in Maui, popular podcaster Duncan Trussell came to a realization. “I don’t really know how to meditate.” So he sat down with David Nichtern, author, musician, and a senior meditation teacher in the Shambhala Buddhist lineage [...]

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Building Relationships of Joy with Inner Engineering

Get Your Fundamentals Right with Inner Engineering How to Deal with Relationships With the stresses of modern life, it isn’t always easy to nurture deep, meaningful connections with others. In fact, research shows that Americans today are more disconnected from their family, friends, and neighbors than ever before. It indicates that people are [...]

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Nature is the Ultimate Teacher

Nature is the Ultimate Teacher Today’s lesson is simple: Step outside and learn from the ultimate teacher. Nature is our guiding light when it comes to cycles and rhythms. She functions under a perfect ebb and flow of counterbalancing principles. Heat and cold balance with light and dark. Growth and decay are fully realized in [...]

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Finding the Path to a Joyful Life

Learn to manage your emotions, mind, body, and overall life energy by looking within. Are you Stressed out? If you’re like most people, the answer is “yes.” But while the vast majority of us seek solace in activities that distract us from anxiety, the world’s oldest wisdom traditions tell us that the only way out is [...]

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Undirect Your Personal Horror Film and Use Awareness to Reduce Anxiety

The Horror Film We Shoot in Our Minds What makes a horror film horrifying? Of course, there’s the Thing lurking at the center of the film’s labyrinth: the monster, the slasher, the hungry alien, the nightmare clown, the live organ harvesting mill disguised as a daycare center. But, especially early in the film, before we [...]

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How Do You Take Your Mindfulness? To Go with a Collection of Meditation Apps

A Growing Collection of Mindfulness and Meditation Apps Allow Users to Access the Studio Anywhere Meditation photo by Sami Sneider Meditation--including people using meditation apps--is definitely having a moment. You can listen to the hum of instructions such as “Call on the breath, notice what you notice, let your thoughts come and go…” [...]

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Upgrade your Flight for Free with These 8 Meditation Practices

  Yogis have been dreaming of flight for thousands of years, and now here we are. Flying has become so commonplace that more than three billion people fly somewhere every year.   If you have ever looked up in the sky and wondered, “How many people are up there right now?” – the answer is [...]

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