Surf Pro Laird Hamilton on The Power of Big Waves and the Power of Stillness

Surf Pro Laird Hamilton is a badass. You might know him as the biggest big wave surfer. Or as one of the innovators of such crossover sports as stand-up paddle boarding and tow-in surfing. Maybe he’s on your radar as the creator of a line of revolutionary superfood products. And then there’s the performance apparel [...]

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Yoga Teaching Meets Reality TV with Yoga Girls

Yoga teacher Elise Joan is one of the people featured on the upcoming reality show Yoga Girls. This photo shoot with photographer Lindsey Childs was filmed for the show. (Clothing by Solo Sol Movement)   Yoga Teaching Meets Reality TV with Yoga Girls As yoga continues to be part of the modern world [...]

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Russell Simmons builds the studio Tantris as a Temple for Practice

Russell Simmons at Tantris. Photographed by Jeff Skeirik/Rawtographer A Studio as a Home for Devotion Russell Simmons is a visionary on the move. Co-founder of Def Jam Records, early promoter and pioneer in the hip hop movement, famous philanthropist, prolific author, television and film producer, and entrepreneur with multiple businesses, Russell is also [...]

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Lisa Garr’s Summer Reading Guide

Lisa Garr From Well-Read Radio Host to Inspirational Author For 15 years, Lisa Garr has served as the energetic, vivacious, and intelligent host of “The Aware Show,” a radio program with several million listeners worldwide. More than 1,500 guests, many of them authors, have made appearances on the air with Garr, chosen for their alignment with [...]

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Life Unscripted: Zhena Muzyka

Zhena Muzyka shares her story rising from a single mother to entrepreneur, author, and publisher. When I first met Zhena, I have to be honest, I was intimidated and a bit jealous. Here was a woman who had everything I wanted and everything “my lizard brain” (as she calls it) was programmed to resent. But [...]

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Life Unscripted: Daniel Ladinsky

Life Unscripted: Daniel Ladinsky sits down with Betsy Chasse to talk about Rumi, Hafiz, and his journey as a book author I was first introduced to the Sufi poet Hafiz in a yoga class.  I can’t even remember to poem the teacher read, but it spoke to me, and I immediately sought out this Hafiz [...]

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Rockstar Health & Fitness: Wyclef Jean

Rockstar Health & Fitness: Wyclef Jean My favorite memories of working with Wyclef Jean involve numerous occasions of him stopping by my office for a visit that began as a business meeting and then became a dance party.  At the time, he had just released his solo album, The Ecleftic: 2 Sides II a Book.  [...]

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Rockstar Health & Fitness with Jared Leto

I will always remember the first conversation I had with Jared Leto. We originally met in NYC in 2008 when I was working with his former management company, The Firm; I took him to do a radio interview at Z100. He had just finished filming the movie Chapter 27 where he played Mark David Chapman, the man who killed [...]

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Rockstar Health & Fitness with Laurel Berman of Black Halo

  We met on a wild adventure in India. The irony is we live a mile apart in LA, but destiny had our paths crossing nearly 10,000 miles away from home.  As we shared our life-changing journey exploring the Taj Mahal, Varanasi, and Delhi, I discovered she was a top fashion designer. I was already well aware [...]

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Rockstar Health & Fitness: Lindsey Stirling

Some people are born with a talent so amazing, it seems to come from another world.  I was recently introduced to a girl with that kind of gift, and was blown away by what I discovered. Lindsey Stirling is definitely one of those people. Several years ago, I worked with the legendary guitarist, Carlos Santana, and Lindsey does with her violin [...]

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