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Hotel Californian Offers Wellness with A View in Santa Barbara

  Many a yogi’s bucket list includes a trip to Morocco. As luck would have it, there are aspects of Morocco that can now be found in California. No airplane needed. From many locations in SoCal, one can even skip a car in lieu of something more relaxing - an Amtrak train. The destination: Santa [...]

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Black Elephant Coffee Atwater Village

  “Support the community. Respect Nature. Drink good coffee. Join the tribe.” This is the motto painted on the wall of the newly opened Black Elephant Coffee in Atwater Village. Black Elephant Coffee Atwater Village Black Elephant Coffee owners are married couple Heidy Fu and Gonzalo Otarola. They are also the proprietors of Simply Coffee [...]

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Yoga Teacher Jessica Rosen: Practicing One Down Dog at a Time

Photo of Jessica Rosen by Sarit Rogers To call Jessica Rosen busy is both an understatement and a simplification. A youthful, playful spitfire as well as a woman who values community, Jessica Rosen is a yoga teacher who is the founder, owner, and director of popular One Down Dog yoga studios in Silverlake, [...]

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Earth Guardians’ Xiuhtezcatl Martinez on Music as a Source of Purpose and Resilience

Xiuhtezcatl Martinez: Earth Guardians’ youth director and Conscious Life Expo keynote Speaker on consciousness and music As the youth director of Earth Guardians and as an activist, there are times in my life when I’ve felt lost within the chaos of movements. It’s crazy how much is happening, and there is always more to do [...]

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MC YOGI writes Spiritual Graffiti

MC YOGI photo by Estevan Oriol A Practice with MC YOGI A sleepy English bulldog naps in a pool of afternoon sunlight on the cool polished concrete floor of Wren & Wild, a sort of holistic hub that houses a highly curated resale shop, a healthy beauty products store and a big yoga [...]

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Relax and Set Intentions with a Spa Holiday

Red Mountain Resort Yoga and Hiking Recharge with a Spa Holiday There’s no denying it – the holidays are here. As much as the world is filled with revelry and good cheer, accomplishing this often comes at the expense of tension, stress, and fatigue. Maybe the holidays are also a time for a [...]

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Remix Yoga in Fountain Valley

Yoga can be intimidating to new students. Many people never set foot inside a yoga studio because of the preconceived notion that everyone there will be freakishly fit and flexible. Those who pass that initial hurdle and venture inside often find the Sanskrit and the Hindu deities a little overwhelming, or even at odds with [...]

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The Importance of Yoga Teachers Continuing Education

    Photo of Jasmine Rausch and Andrea Marcum by Jeff Skeirik. Clothing by K-Deer. Jewelry by Gogh Jewelry Design. Hair and Makeup by Monica Simone. Location: Goorus Yoga Studio in Pacific Palisades. When I began a career teaching yoga, I knew it would be a lifelong pursuit. I devoured teacher training programs, [...]

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Soul Hum Meditation in Sherman Oaks

Soul Hum Meditation in Sherman Oaks Soul Hum is the latest Zen enclave to open in the Valley. It offers elegant, inviting, and stress-to-bliss transformation in under 30 minutes. Soul Hum studio owner Natalie Kiwi says that the studio’s name is a derivative of the yogic contemplative mantra “so hum.” Soul Hum’s intention is to [...]

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Gift Guide for Yogis: Tools for Everyday Living

Our selection of items in this gift guide for yogis features a number of tools for practical everyday living. These include Ayurvedic copper water bottles by AYUR Bottle, performance clothing by Soybu, NeoCell's hydrating Glow Matrix, Niyama's gorgeous print leggings, One Tribe Apparel, artistic jewelry by Civeletta, essential oil candles by David Oreck, STRETCH Wash to [...]

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