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Easter at Self-Realization Fellowship

Self-Realization Fellowship Easter Services Self-Realization Fellowship (SRF) temples in Southern California will explore the true meaning of resurrection during Sunday morning services on Easter. In 2018, Easter is celebrated on April 1. Paramahansa Yogananda, founder of SRF and author of Autobiography of a Yogi, said: “…Resurrection does not mean only resurrection of the body, but [...]

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The Woman Who Runs the LA Marathon: Tracey Russell on Yoga, LA, and More

Talking about Running, the LA Marathon, and Yoga with Tracey Russell  The Conqur Endurance Group manages the Los Angeles Marathon. Their CEO Tracey Russell is the woman who runs the marathon--well, she really runs the organization that puts on this community event. In addition to being a devoted runner, Tracey is an avid yoga practitioner who [...]

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Where to Watch The Skechers Performance LA Marathon

  The 33rd Los Angeles 26.2 miler is on March 18, 2018 From the Stadium to the Sea is more than just a tag line for the Skechers Performance Los Angeles Marathon. The course begins at Dodgers Stadium and finishes in Santa Monica near the picturesque Pier; these start and finish lines have been in [...]

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Reflections on the #MeToo Movement

As an actress and a yoga teacher, I have my own stories that fall under the #MeToo Movement. This hashtag has brought up a number of reflections for me. The #MeToo Movement and the Meaning of Life As I was reflecting on these ideas, I did a Google search to ask, “What is the Me Too [...]

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5 Steps for Creating A Purpose-Driven Life

How to be an Engaged Citizen and Live a Purpose-Driven Life Advocacy, community engagement, civic leadership, and wellness comprise my core values as well as my areas of professional focus. I have worked in both public and private sectors to promote the yogic ideals of service and engagement in everyday life. These ideals are part [...]

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Wildest Greens Offers High Performance Organic Food in Palm Desert

When we dedicate ourselves to a practice, we also become more interested in how we nourish ourselves through food. This is certainly the case for Denise DuBarry Hay. Denise is a dedicated yoga practitioner who owns the popular Palm Desert studio Bikram Yoga Plus. Her daughter Samantha owns the Bikram Yoga Kauai studio and her [...]

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Zooga Yoga for Kids Features Practices and Playtime

  Many teachers have found charm in the animal associations of various asana. Antonia King, owner and founder of Zooga, Yoga for Kids, in Culver City, ran with that vision. In her tangerine-colored space bursting with plush toys, she has created a playful living zoo-like environment where children can learn animal poses. Everything about Zooga [...]

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Samarasa Center in Echo Park

Sister and brother duo Susan and Nick Marrufo recently opened their brick-and-mortar-dream-come-true studio in Echo Park. They combined their desire to create a safe space for self-inquiry with the reach of their imagination. Samarasa Center offers yoga, Pilates, meditation, study groups, and community gatherings - all influenced by Susan’s teacher, Sri Prem Baba. A humanitarian [...]

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Yoga NoHo and the North Hollywood Reinvention

    Photo of Rudy-Mirkovich and Karen Russell from Yoga NoHo by Hello June Films   North Hollywood is currently living a renaissance of revitalization and reinvention. New restaurants, food trucks, vegan pop-ups, and juice bars crop up daily in this walkable section of a driving-centric city. While Yoga NoHo is not new [...]

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Hotel Californian Offers Wellness with A View in Santa Barbara

  Many a yogi’s bucket list includes a trip to Morocco. As luck would have it, there are aspects of Morocco that can now be found in California. No airplane needed. From many locations in SoCal, one can even skip a car in lieu of something more relaxing - an Amtrak train. The destination: Santa [...]

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