Vedic Astrology Forecast March 2018

The planetary configurations for the Vedic Astrology Forecast March 2018 bring up themes of creativity and passion with increased energy surrounding principles. We may also experience some confusion around life directions and teachings. Take appropriate time to become grounded in devotion, to be thorough, to question and apply critical thinking to your life and teachings, [...]

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Vedic Astrology February 2018

Jyotish/Vedic Astrology February 2018 Forecast February is characterized by aspects that ask us to summon our courage and resilience in order to build strength in the midst of challenges. Practicing discipline, facing reality, and examining our values are important remedies now. February 2-4 The Sun will be closely joined Ketu in Capricorn which may exacerbate [...]

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Vedic Astrology Forecast December 2017/January 2018

Photo by Josh Willink from Pexels Vedic Astrology Forecast December 2017/January 2018 As we transition from one calendar year into another, the aspects of the Vedic Astrology Forecast of this time support reflection and introspection. This is also a time for us to uncover our fears and to reexamine our relationship with [...]

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Vedic Astrology November 2017

Vedic Astrology November 2017 Themes One of the repeating themes at play in the Vedic Astrology November 2017 is compromise. This is particularly the case because we are in the midst of a cycle governed by Libra. Compromise doesn’t always mean giving in. sometimes Sometimes asserting ourselves is necessary in order to compromise well. Seeking compromise can [...]

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Vedic Astrology October 2017

The cycles at play this October signify some emotional intensity. At the same time, we benefit by relaxing into the expansive nature of our own hearts and allowing ourselves to tap into our devotion to whatever is larger than our individual selves. Connect to your source of inspiration regularly. Astrology October 2017 October 1 - [...]

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September Vedic Astrology

  At the beginning of September, Mercury moves out of retrograde. Utilize this shift to cultivate greater clarity in your life. Other aspects at play this month encourage seeking healing and developing meaningful habits and routines. Commit to inspiration and practices of devotion to maintain steady on your path amidst fluctuating energies.   Your September [...]

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Vedic Astrology July and August

  Just as the months of summer can be a time of increased warmth and intensity, some of the Vedic astrology aspects active in July and August also reflect the energy of combustion and heat in various parts of our lives. Be aware of your triggers, slow down and be more intentional with your words, [...]

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Vedic Astrology June 2017

A number of stress-inducing configurations in Vedic Astrology June 2017 require us to develop greater understanding of ourselves and to increase our ability to cultivate self-control. A predominant theme is to continue to connect with devotion and love and to allow those emotional states to fuel our actions. Have courage and practice the art of [...]

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Vedic Astrology May 2017

According to Vedic Astrology May 2017 is a month of shifting energies and planets. Support yourself through the fluctuations of the universe by connecting to the source of love that is your true nature. Connect to your devotional heart through practice and action. As Mercury moves direct, take advantage of the opportunity to enjoy forward [...]

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Vedic Astrology April 2017

April features two important retrograde cycles, as both Saturn and Mercury turn retrograde. This leads us to a process of introspection and a measured look at where were going and the skills we are using to get there. By the end of the month, we are once again charging headlong into the next chapter of [...]

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