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Jewelry for the 7 Chakras

7 Chakras Jewelry Ideas for Energetic Balance The Chakra System describes vortices of energy that are housed in the subtle body. They affect various aspects of our physiology, state of mind, and our way of being in the world. While we have many active chakras, the yogic teachings talk about seven primary energy centers that [...]

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Packing for Travel and Retreats

The Pure Bag is an antimicrobial solution for packing for every occasion. Photography and styling by Sarit Rogers. Fun and Functional Travel & Retreat Fundamentals When you’re getting ready for your next retreat or vacation, selecting a few quintessential practice solutions can help you enjoy your experience. Check out these selects to support [...]

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Soulful Socks for All Seasons: Footwear Inspiring Messages & Style

  Sock Styling and Photography by Sarit Rogers When your Soulful Socks Make a Statement Workout socks have become more than a simple fashion statement. They're functional when you are  taking a barre class and they can keep you warm or clean in studio environments or on the road.  Athletic socks feature grippy [...]

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Top Tops: Trending Sports Bras

  Coverage of sports bras that support a range of sizes Brooks Running Uphold Crossback Bra ($44) A company known for running gear crafts sports bras suitable for both streets and trails. The medium impact Uphold Crossback Bra provides both breathability and support with contoured cups and light padding. Range includes larger cup sizes. [...]

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Millana Snow on Movement, Meditation, and Fitness Fashion

  Millana Snow is a woman on the move. She's an entrepreneur and healer with vision and a commitment to community. In the fashion world, Millana was the winning model in the 2010 Season 8 of Project Runway. It is an accolade that has led to her putting her creativity into practice in publishing, fashion, [...]

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The Sacred Mala, A Mystical Tool for Meditation

  Aside from the latest eco-friendly yoga mat, a popular accoutrement of the modern yogi is a strand of prayer beads called a mala. A mala is often worn draped around the neck or wrist.   While for some people a mala is just a trendy accessory, for others, a mala represents a link to [...]

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Fitness Pro Sierra Scott Shares Fashion Trends and Fitness Tips

  Fitness Fashion Trend: High Neck Bra Tops In terms of my full fitness workout, I do about an hour-and-a-half to two hours of arms, legs, and abs four to five days a week. For one specific workout, my favorite go-to are 15 squats.   They consist of doing 15 squats (I use a 15-25 [...]

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Blossom Atelier in Santa Monica

Main Street in Santa Monica is one of those treasures of the greater Los Angeles area. It is so close to the beach that you can smell the salt air and jaunt down to the ocean. The boutiques and shops offer chances to take the bohemian Westside vibe home with you. One of the locations [...]

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Ele Keats Jewelry

The storefront of Ele Keats Jewelry on Montana Avenue in Santa Monica offers a glimpse into the designer's intentions.     When I first walked into Ele Keats Jewelry at Ele's August grand opening, I immediately felt the sense of intention that this designer and yoga and meditation practitioner creates in the space [...]

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Side Lunge at LA Yoga 2016 Fashion

Click on image for larger view Photo By: David Young-Wolff Yoga Pose: Ellette Craddock Hair: JJ Jeffries Makeup: Dawn Sorenson Styling: Bree Montanarello Shot on location - Young-Wolff Studios Santa Monica Check out full slideshow: LA Yoga 2016 Fashion Slideshow   Some of the ways in which we move the body through variations [...]

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