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Bhakti Fest Founder Sridhar Silberfein

Sridhar and Shyamdas at Bhakti Fest. Photo by Mitchell Manz. It Would Be Great If You Could Do That The sun is setting on another 110 degree day in the Mojave Desert. Seventy-eight-year-old Bhakti Fest Founder Sridhar Silberfein storms in the front door dripping in sweat. For the past eight hours he has [...]

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Lightning In a Bottle 2018 – What’s your WHY?

Lightning In A Bottle (LIB) unites the worlds of yoga, dance music, self-improvement and social awareness. This fusion of worlds and ideas in one, easy-to-attend location creates a profound experience. 2018 was my third LIB. Each one I’ve attended, I’ve had my daughter with me, starting at age five, then seven, and now nine. Being [...]

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Bhakti Fest and Shakti Fest: Devotion, Service, and Transformation

A conversation with Shakti and Bhakti Fests Founder Sridhar Silberfein I knew Shakti Fest was the yoga festival for me when a one hour conversation with its founder left me wanting to be a better person. Sridhar (Steven by birth) Silberfein is a man who has walked his talk for so long that now he’s simply [...]

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Wellness Tourism 2.0: The Benefits of Yoga and Meditation Retreats

  Wellness travel that includes yoga and meditation is more than a trend — it has become a modern-day necessity. If you’ve ever thought or uttered the phrase, “I need a vacation,” you’re certainly not alone.   As technology continues to advance, the pace of our lives continues to speed up. In response, our need [...]

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Los Angeles Events: The Best of September 2017

  Join LA Yoga at the best Los Angeles events for September 2017.   Los Angeles Events: Classes and Workshops Accessible Yoga   Learn how to make classes welcoming to everyone and to approach students in a trauma-informed way with Accessible Yoga Founder Jivana Heyman. Details 7-10 Sep 9am-5pm $550 Spiral Path Yoga, 3115 Foothill [...]

Catalina: An Island Retreat for Yogis

  As any good yogi will attest, taking a yoga practice on the road brings with it a whole new sense of enlightenment. Yoga retreats in exotic locales abound. The price tag for such a getaway, though, may seem daunting. So when we heard about the one-day Yoga/Hike collaboration between REI and Catalina Island, our [...]

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Finding Balance and Joy at The Feathered Pipe Ranch

This was my first retreat and I put a lot of work into it.  But I had powerful assistance from this land. It created the space for transformation and truly aided in the experience. For thousands of years, people have traveled to global power spots like Machu Picchu and the Egyptian pyramids to investigate the [...]

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Festival Hangover Prevention Tips

Photo of Wanderlust High Camp by Adam Hawes   The festival hangover is that moment when you wake up on day two or three in your tent with symptoms similar to a hangover: Your body is aching and throbbing as if you have run not just one marathon, but a few back-to-back. It [...]

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Lightning In A Bottle Rejuvenates and Inspires

Aria Morgan and her daughter celebrate family and fun at the Lightning in a Bottle Festival Festivals and the State of Flow A self-labeled “conscious music and yoga festival,” Lightning In a Bottle (commonly known as LIB) presents an impressive conglomeration of performers, artists, vendors, speakers, large-scale art installations, and interactive experiences. Over [...]

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Retreat with Rebecca Benenati in Ojai

Join Rebecca Benenati for a yoga and meditative weekend retreat. Rebecca Benenati is known for her ability to nurture her students and serve as a guide for practice and for life. She is a yoga teacher, mother, massage therapist, childbirth educator, doula, and former co-owner of City Yoga who now teaches at Rising Lotus, YogaWorks, [...]

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