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My go-to props for home yoga practice

Support props for home yoga practice can be make-shift household items or store-bought props. by Linda Sparrowe Almost anything can support your yoga practice, from the make-shift—tables, walls, doorknobs, kitchen counters, couch cushions, neckties, or a friend’s outstretched hand—to the store-bought. With so many props to choose from, you may want to start by gathering [...]

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Clean Mat. Clean Mind.

Don't let your down dog get stinky. The yoga mat -- it’s the prized possession of the modern practitioner. Dedicated yogis know from experience that as a deep commitment to the practice develops, the mat can begin to transform into a sacred space -- one where increasing amounts of quality time are spent. Lives can [...]

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Kharma Khare

KharmaKhare's launch product, Yoga Reincarnated, is Earth's best yoga mat, made 100% from recycled rubber tires. We took out everything harmful to develop a material that will support your practice, last a long time, and stay out of a landfill. Our mats are hypo-allergenic. This material is also used in children’s playgrounds and has passed [...]

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Holiday Gift Guide

LA Yoga’s Annual Holiday Gift Guide Every time we make a purchase, we’re voting with our dollar. In essence, we’re saying, “We support…” this product, service or company. The hope is that through our conscious choices, we’re creating a more sustainable world. In this year’s holiday gift guide, we asked some of our contributors to [...]

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Libra Max: Sustainable Ideas For Seasonal Gifts

Libra Max: Animal Activist / Vegan / Yogini Those of us on a spiritual path have an even greater responsibility to be honest with ourselves about the violence we cause when we eat and wear animals. If we envision a nonviolent world, we can participate in the one that already exists by going vegan and [...]

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