Aykanna Releases the Song and Video Ancestors with Spiritual Messages

Ancestors offers Guidance and Courage “Take your shoes off, my child. Touch the sacred earth with your hands. Listen to our voices guide you through the realms of time. With open eyes, bring your courage to this life.” Sukhdev Jackson sings these lines to open Aykanna’s release “Ancestors”. Poet, singer-songwriter, and storyteller Sukhdev is one [...]

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Joss Jaffe Releases Meditation Music

  The Power of Music In my mind, meditation music allows you to release the noise in your mind. This type of music helps you focus, escape daily stresses, and even transcend to another level of consciousness. Meditation music can heighten your senses and unite your mind, body, and spirit. The album Meditation Music by [...]

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Sound Healing in Los Angeles

Sound Healing: A trend that can vibrate the world to wellness More than simply a trend, sound healing practices are becoming a way of life in the greater Los Angeles area and beyond. Wellness Music is identified as one of the Wellness Trends for 2020 by the Global Wellness Institute’s Global Wellness Trends Report. In [...]

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Jai Uttal Sings the Mystical Prayers found in Psalms

The Mystical Prayers: An Interpretation of Psalms 23 by Jai Uttal Jai Uttal’s newest release is a brilliant, beautiful and mystical interpretation of Psalms 23, aptly titled "Psalm". Jai Uttal invites us into the heart of the Divine as manifested through the lens of devotion and sacred mantra. "Psalm" is everything you might expect from [...]

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Sangeeta Kaur’s Compassion is Soulful Music

Compassion showcases Sacred Healing Sounds Compassion is the fourth and latest New Age/Classical crossover album by Sangeeta Kaur. With a background as a trained opera singer, Kundalini yogini, songwriter, and producer, this multi-talented Vietnamese American artist co-created her latest offering with musician, composer, and producer, Nicolas Neidhardt, to impressive results. Combining sacred chants, uplifting English songs, [...]

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The Benefits and Best Practices of Sound Healing 

Karen Seva Music Photograph by Martin Piers Dunkerton Traveling at the Speed of Sound Before there were eyes to see when a vast darkness still permeated the void, All rested beneath a firmament of Sound.” - Jeff Volk Everything makes music: the trees, the flowers, the birds, the stones, even human beings. Some [...]

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The Light Within: Songs for Yoga, Healing & Inner Peace by Juliet Lyons

Seek the Landscape of the Inner Spirit If you’re like me, you’ve frequently sought solace in music during these turbulent days. Juliet Lyons' latest project, The Light Within, is the perfect album to nestle into for a restorative respite. Created as a passion project by Lyons to uplift, strengthen, and heal; her music beckons listeners [...]

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