Veggie Grill Downtown LA Shares Fast Casual Plant-Based Fare

  Plant-Based Veggie Grill's Comfort Food Veggie Grill continues to lead the pack of plant-based fast casual restaurants in not only in California but across the country. The Veggie Grill Downtown LA is an outpost of this growing group of restaurants. What I love about their menu is that while everything is plant-based, the items [...]

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Persimmons Featured at Santa Monica Restaurant Week

Persimmon and Kale Salad at Massilia Taste a Variety of Persimmon Dishes at the 2019 Santa Monica Restaurant Week Persimmons may be one of the hidden treasures found in SoCal farmers’ markets in the late fall and early winter. Rich in vitamins, minerals, fiber, and healthy phyto-nutrients, with tastes that combine well with [...]

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Chef Fernando Darin on Yoga, Food, and Finding Balance in the Kitchen

Chef Fernando Darin at Ray's and Stark Bar at LACMA. Photo by Jeff Skeirik/Rawtographer Chef Fernando Darin at Ray's and Stark Bar at LACMA Upon first meeting Chef Fernando Darin, you may be surprised to hear that he has a dedicated and active yoga practice. As Executive Chef of Ray’s & Stark Bar [...]

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Wildest Greens Offers High Performance Organic Food in Palm Desert

When we dedicate ourselves to a practice, we also become more interested in how we nourish ourselves through food. This is certainly the case for Denise DuBarry Hay. Denise is a dedicated yoga practitioner who owns the popular Palm Desert studio Bikram Yoga Plus. Her daughter Samantha owns the Bikram Yoga Kauai studio and her [...]

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LOCALI Brings a Healthy Deli to West Hollywood

LOCALI is the deli-style restaurant where you can take your vegan first date, meat-loving grandmother, and fast food addicted coworker alike. Their concept is a combo deli/natural foods market plus convenience store with nutritious, thoughtful, organic offerings. Their newest LA outpost in West Hollywood is conveniently located on Santa Monica Boulevard between San Vicente and [...]

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Flower Child Santa Monica

Another “green” eatery graces Los Angeles? Bring it! I say—and many seem to agree: Flower Child Santa Monica was busy when I visited on a recent May Sunday. Vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free dishes made with locally sourced ingredients fit perfectly into the image of a health-obsessed LA. Owned by Fox Restaurant Concepts, the group behind [...]

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Veggie Grill adds VG Beyond Burger to their menus

There are times when our team has looked at each other while sitting at our desks to say, “Today is a Veggie Grill kind of day.” Whether it is the combination of comfort food made healthy and modern with a bit of SoCal fusion or the fact that anyone with any dietary restriction or conviction [...]

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SunLife Organics Expands beyond Malibu

Khalil Rafati (pictured, above), one of the Founders of SunLife Organics says, “In 2011, my partner Hayley and I opened the doors to the first SunLife Organics in Malibu, California with a simple mission: to love, heal and inspire” SunLife Organics has opened two new locations—in Pasadena and Manhattan Beach— to help share the remarkable [...]

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Tender Greens Westwood

When you walk into Tender Greens off of Westwood’s busy Glendon Avenue, you can feel a sense of immediate respite from the neighborhood bustle outside. In order to accommodate the farm to table eatery, the historic building has been lovingly remodeled. One area has been stripped down to the original brick walls while the addition [...]

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Sausal serves inspired cuisine in El Segundo

At Los Angeles restaurant Sausal, longtime resident Chef Anne Conness (formerly at Napa Valley Grille and Simmzy’s) is fascinated by the culinary history of the South Bay’s founding rancheros. “Reimagining those flavors in a way that speaks to the modern palate has been a goal of mine for quite some time,” she said of a [...]

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