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5 Easy Steps to Harmonious Relationships

Harmony Begins in Our Consciousness Human beings are familial beings; we treasure the company of loved ones. It is proven that harmonious family relationships promote mental, emotional, and physical well-being. In new relationships, care, compassion, and respect flow effortlessly. New relationships seem perfect and it’s easy to envision them remaining that way forever. However, after [...]

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Single Mom Dating Tips

Dating is different when you have a child, and so are you—your priorities, schedule, needs, and your body. Your fantasy of forever has been busted open. You are on your own again, with a little one at your side. Speaking from experience, here are some single mom dating tips--along with questions to ask yourself and a [...]

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A Camera Captures Confidence–The Sexy Secrets of a Boudoir Photo Shoot

Photo of Laurel House by Jenny Taylor Boudoir Photography I’m a new mom. Which means I have a new body, new curves, and a new C-section scar. I’m also a single mom and a dating coach, so I am aware of the life/confidence-shifting realities when it comes to being a new mom vis-a-vis [...]

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Sex + Setting: Friends don’t Let Friends Sleep with Shamans

Klara Souklava first traveled to the Amazon to experience ayahuasca ceremonies with hopes of healing deep wounds from her past. She had issues of self-love, trust issues with men, and the trauma of a rape to work through. Souklava dove deep, working with three male shamans whom she trusted implicitly at the time. She now [...]

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Tis the Season to… Breakup?

By Laurel House It can seem to be a surprising statistic at first. From now until the two weeks before Christmas, breakups are steadily climbing to the number one spot of the most popular time of year to end the relationship. That number instantly drops on Christmas Day, which is the least popular day of [...]

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Colors Of Love

The Hues Of Our Aura Reveal Our Persona And Preferences In Partners What kind of personality are you? What are your goals and purposes? How do you process life – physically, mentally, or emotionally? What kind of marriage partner is best suited for you? What are your attitudes about career, money, family, sex? Valuable clues [...]

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Science And The Sacred: Love, Happiness And Attachment

Was the Buddha the greatest psychologist of the last three thousand years, or was he over-reacting a little? Does true happiness lie in a methodical release of our attachments in order to achieve perfect liberation, or might this be a recipe for imbalance? Surely there is wisdom in learning to let go, but perhaps investing [...]

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Alert To Relationship

Sutra 83 From The Radiance Sutras, A New Translation Of The Vijnana Bhairava Tantra Lately I have been painfully aware that every relationship in my life calls for careful tending, and I am always blowing it. Not a huge amount, usually, but enough to be painful. It seems like I am either giving too much [...]

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Sacred Sex

Photo: Charles Peterson, Quan is seemingly unaffected by the relentless barrage of sexual assaults regularly performed on the senses of Los Angeles’ population by corporate advertisers. American Apparel soft-core billboards are not resonating on the same frequency with the young Buddhist monk; short in stature, long in devotion, he lives in the [...]

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Zen And The Art Of Relationships

Practice Pages: Meditation This is the third installment in an ongoing column focused on meditation practices in different traditions. I am often asked about what Zen can teach us about the intimate personal relationships that play such an important role in all our lives. When our walls are down, we are more in touch with [...]

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