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Aykanna – Mother

From “I am Woman” and “Adi Shakti” to “Jai Ma,” Aykanna blends sounds and genres from slow, sacred chanting to funky experimental beats to express the many dimensions of the divine feminine. Aykanna: soulful Sukhdev Jackson and Grammy-nominated percussionist Akahdahmah, partners in music and life, demonstrate love for each other and for the divine. The duo is committed to sharing each song, not merely as an artistic expression, but as a sacred healing sound current.

Men, don’t be deterred by the album’s name; Mother pays homage to the sacred masculine through the strong and soothing voice of Akahdahmah. My favorite track, “Mother, Father” pays equal weight and respect to the divinity of both Shiva and Shakti and the beauty in the unity of the two.
Mother contains references to the Tantric text Devi Mahatmya accompanied by frequent repetition of the evocative phrases Sat Nam and Wahe Guru; it provides a fitting soundtrack for a Kundalini practice. Syncing Aykanna’s “Har Haray Haree” beats with long pranayama breathing practices is a combination both transcendent as well as fun; thanks to chant’s island reggae beats.
The album’s fierce spoken word, uplifting devotional chants, and heartfelt offerings will surely delight both the Mother along with listeners able to hear the call. And if you’re lucky, you might be able to catch Aykanna perform live, as the duo is known to play for many classes including those of Guru Singh, Krishna Kaur, and Kia Miller.

Reviewed by Vanessa Harris who practices and teaches Yoga for service and plays kirtan and strings sacred malas for bliss:

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  1. Love Aykanna ~ Hands down some of the best peeps on the planet! ~ Sweet soul grooves remind you that everything is just fine!

  2. Wow that’s all I can say OMG!!!, Nithyanandam!!! to this couple so so so soothing

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