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“Hari’s Lila” Shyamdas Live at Bhakti Fest Midwest 2012

Shyamdas-Album Cover

Mantralogy Records

Shyamdas once said, “If you speak about that which is most sacred to you, it goes. Sometimes, it is best to not say a word.” Often, words fall short to depict that which makes our hearts beat, our throats close, and our eyes water. For Shyam, that was the Divine; and so he sang about it.

If you ever had the opportunity to see Shyamdas lead call-and-response kirtan, you would know there was nothing traditional about his style. There was only bhav—“a sacred mood.” Dig deeper, and you will find someone who was both a Bhakta and scholar deeply devoted to his path, who lived and studied in Vrindavan the majority of the year.

One summer evening during the 2012 Bhakti Fest Midwest, Shyamdas’ late night set was so transcendent that the audience and kirtan wallahs alike stood in awe as Shyam poured his heart not only into his chanting, but also into the Vedic stories he shared.

Plans for a live recording of this particular performance were set far before the tragic news spread of Shyamdas’ passing this past January. As an offering to the beloved Sanskrit scholar, kirtan wallah, and devoted Bhakta, this live album will remain most sacred to kirtan lovers, ensuring that the love and legacy of Shyamdas lives on.

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