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Heart & Soul by the Kirtaniyas

The Kirtaniyas is a group of four young and enthusiastic musicians who share their knowledge and respect for traditional kirtan music and have come together to bring a fresh sound to an ancient art.

In their album, Heart & Soul, the quartet move seamlessly from the sweet melodic sound bath of “Invocation,” to the energetic and celebratory dance of rhythms in “Braj Mahamantra.” Jai Uttal provides lead vocals on “Krsna Govinda,” effortlessly blending in his haunting and heartfelt harmony.

The band members, Vijay, Sarasvati, Rasika and Nitai, were all born into Krishna consciousness and represent the next generation of kirtan performers. They hail from around the world and have different backgrounds and strengths. The combination invites the listener to join them in their love and celebration of the Divine.

Their sound is pure and clear, allowing their message of devotion to be easily broadcast to a variety of audiences at numerous yoga and kirtan festivals around the globe. The chants are suitable for yoga—my personal faves for class are “Son of Sachi”, “Braj Mahamantra,” and “Gopi Lullaby”– or as a soundtrack to fill your home. The album will keep you beautifully present and filled with joy. Learn more at:


Reviewed by Olivia Kvitne, who is spreading the good word of yoga at many top studios in the Los Angeles area. When not on the mat, or putting pen to paper, you may find her at Disneyland. 

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