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The Do LaB Shares Lightning in a Bottle with the World

LIB 2013-10 by Jorge Meza

Image by Jorge Meza

Many people dream of a place where the-world-as-it-is and the-world-as-we-want-it-to-be merge into one. We dream of a utopia where we are able to take a break from our everyday worries, to-do-lists, and responsibilities because the sounds, the sights, and the sensations are so potent, that the past does not weigh you down nor does the future concern you. You are completely present; better yet—free. While many people dream of this fantasyland, The Do LaB actually manifested it into existence at the one and only Lightning in a Bottle in July.

Tucked away in Temecula along Lake Skinner, makeshift stages, temples, lounges, sound domes, and more were all crafted to shift, shake, and open the consciousness of attendees. From the Grand Artique’s Frontierville, a western inspired stage with interactive shows, to the stilt-walkers clad in zebra and tiger costumes and paint, some might quickly dismiss the event as “new age” and even “bizarre.” But then again, our grandparents looked at our parents running free at Woodstock in a similar fashion. Look deeper into the art and creativity engrained in Lightning in a Bottle, and you will see why it is a major artistic and expansive event growing at a rapid pace.

LIB 2013-14 by Jorge Meza

Image by Jorge Meza

The Flemming brothers—Dede, Jesse, and Josh—are the masterminds behind The Do Lab and its brainchild, Lightning in a Bottle. Praised for their aesthetic vigor and quality of work, the execution of the recent festival rose above expectations. Envisioning, producing, and executing a festival requires a stroke of madness. A person’s mind must be in ten different places, with five different stages and twenty different performers in action simotameously. Above all, there must be trust in your staff leading each department. As we’ve seen with the rapid rise with various festivals across the circuit, one can either prosper or fall completely apart. With multiple stages and events going throughout days and nights at Lightning in a Bottle, the Flemming brothers have proven their skills, and it’s only going to rise up from here for The Do LaB team.


Alex Grey by Cameron Jordan

Alex Grey at LiB
Image by Cameron Jordan

At Lightning in a Bottle, the spirit at large—from a collective dream amongst community of dreamers, believers, visionaries, and go-getters—created a safe environment.  If you walked into any camp, you were greeted with a meal, drinks, and even a bed. However, despite all the camps, not much sleeping took place over the weekend with all the sense-titillating entertainment. Sleep deprivation enhanced the states of consciousness. With enough dilated pupils to match glow sticks, you couldn’t turn a blind eye to the various experimenting taking place throughout the grounds. This environment not only enhanced the experiences being had by many, but cradled them. Highly acclaimed artist Alex Grey, known for his spiritual and psychedelic illustrations, led a talk at the Lucent Temple of Consciousness relating the chakras, demigods, and his own inner journeys. Grey’s progressive work reminds us that there is more than meets the two eyes.

LIB 2013 yoga-1 by Jorge Meza

Image by Jorge Meza

Continuing to push the limits, yoga classes offered at Lightning in a Bottle included Mark Whitwell’s “Body, Breath and Sex,” Cheri Rae Russell’s “F**k Yeah Yoga,” and Kia Miller’s “From Body Consciousness to Bliss.” Not only was the influence of yoga welcomed on the mat at Lightning in a Bottle, but also onstage with the sounds and mantras echoing throughout the grounds from Fanna-Fi-Allah Sufi Qawwali Party, DJ Alsutany, Srikalogy, and the Kirtaniyas.

From the Renegade Drive-In move theater playing cinema classics to the silent Frisco disco parties (parties where participants would tune into a radio channel with headphones), Amori’s Casino and Burlesque, the tea rooms, the Altervision 3D blacklight experience, and a learning kitchen, there was something for all ages at Lightning in a Bottle. The grounds turned into a playground for all ages—catering to all just as long as their spirit and mindset was youthful. No doubt attendees were invigorated with a redeemed sense of wonder that will be strong enough to last them until attending the next event by The Do Lab.

To learn more about the Flemming brothers, visit:

For more on what’s next from The Do Lab, visit:

By Vanessa Harris 

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  1. Beautiful write-up Vanessa. Hard to put into words that which eludes description – yet you did exactly that :)

  2. eric aka Yoda says:

    That is my daughter in the wings…..we took my mother to LIB in 2012 in a wheelchair with my daughters. My one daughter hooped all day and I had to feed her since she would not put the hoop down because every time a another hooper came by they gave her praise and tips… youngest tumbling and flipping everywhere….we laugh so hard and people were so warm and gracious with my mother.

    at the end of the day my mother whispered in my ear on the drive home wit 2 sleeping girls in te back seat “these are our people I am so glad and think we should do this every year”….she passed that October.

    My 8 and 9 year old then choose to go every year and share the kind of joy and sprit my mother brought in th world by being with “our people”

    The moment that Jorge captured sums up our 2 days this year at LIB. Thank you for seeing this festival for all it brings to us…here is a place my kids can experience a community embracing, sharing , happy and where I feel comfortable letting them run amok without much concern. I only do the days with them here and the nights we let the adults enjoy the space and come the next morning back to family friendly.

    This is a blessing and will attend next year…..see you there

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