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Aria Morgan is a yoga teacher, doula and music lover who finds inspiration in nature: ariamorgan.com.

White Sun wins a Grammy for White Sun II

Grammy Winning White Sun II Album Release Party. Photo by Santosh Khalsa Powerful music is timeless: it envelops us, welcomes us into its essence, and stays with us long past the last song on the album. The mantra music created by yoga supergroup White Sun is good music that uses mantra to nourish [...]

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Sukha Music Review

Sukha, an accessible blend of mantra rock inspired by the root chakra. Sukha is comprised of husband and wife team Sukhmani (Nicole) on vocals and Sukhman (Steven) on acoustic guitar. Created in 2011, Sukha shares their unique blend of Kundalini mantra rock. The name Sukha is derived from the Sanskrit word for happiness, bliss, and ease. The album, [...]

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The Mystical Prism of Being music review

Brian Michael Tracy takes listeners on a three act performance in his latest release The Mystical Prism of Being. Writer and musician Brian Michael Tracy’s latest release, The Mystical Prism of Being, invites us into a soundscape of emotion, desire, and repentance through a sonic filter that merges Tracy’s mystical poetry as spoken word performance [...]

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Save The Humans Now: Rob Stewart’s Revolution the Movie

  The Revolution to Save the Humans Beautifully shot and edited, Revolution is a remarkable documentary by Director Rob Stewart. The message is the necessary personal and global transformation that must occur if we are to secure our future as a species on this planet. Revolution details Stewart’s journey into ocean conservationism over a period [...]

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