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Palm Springs Film Festival 2015


Glam, glitter, stars. This week’s Palm Springs International Film Festival is not only the first festival of the new year, but also a kick-off for the 2015 awards season. In Palm Springs, the stars were all in attendance at last […]

Get off the Grid and Into the Heart


Unplug Every Day An interview with Sister Jenna of the Brahma Kumaris Sister Jenna is the founding director of the Meditation Museum in Silver Spring, Maryland, and the director of the Washington, DC branch of the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual […]

Jeff Bridges sets a place at the American Table

A Place at the Table

Through coalition building and filmmaking, Bridges is on a mission to eliminate childhood hunger. We may know Jeff Bridges best for his decades of work in front of the camera, not the least of which is as the Dude in […]

DVD Review – Gravity and Grace


By: Peter Sterios Elevate Films   Gravity & Grace 2—Yoga for Longevity is the wonderful follow-up to Yoga instructor and Manduka founder Peter Sterios’ critically acclaimed first Gravity & Grace DVD. Directed by Elevate’s Mikki Willis, it features unique customizable […]

Book Review – Indie Spiritualist: A No Bullshit Exploration of Spirituality


By: Chris Grosso Beyond Words   Author Chris Grosso is a musician covered in tattoos; a recovering addict well-versed in what it means to look inside oneself and be at peace. Indie is divided into “sides;” an homage to Grosso’s […]

Book Review – Healing: A Vibrational Exchange


by: Wah! Wah! knows something about healing, and she masterfully shares that knowledge in these pages. In her experience, healing relates to how we interact vibrationally with the world in which we live—with all of our senses, in all aspects […]

Sundance 2014 Wrap Up

download (2)

by Karen Henry Although the Sundance Film Festival ends each year just five weeks before the Academy Awards, the independent film festival is, nevertheless, a harbinger of Oscar nominations a full year later. This week, LA YOGA Magazine will share […]

Taking Our Film to Cannes Film Festival


Open an email — rejection. Click open another email — another rejection, but, you know, thanks for applying. Yet another response — score! An invitation to Cannes. While thousands of aspiring filmmakers apply to see their film screened at festivals, […]

Film Review: G-Dog

images Homeboy

If you have been to a farmers’ market in Los Angeles, shopped at Ralphs or Food4Less, or even been through the terminal 4 at LAX, you’ve probably seen Homegirl or Homeboy cafés and sauces — both enterprises of Homeboy Industries. […]

Q&A with ‘Hummingbird’ Filmmaker Holly Mosher


Filmmaker Holly Mosher has done her part to fight the sex-trafficking industry in Brazil by bringing it to light in her debut film, Hummingbird. While examining the causes and effects of sex-trafficking, Mosher’s film highlights two nonprofit organizations’ solutions and […]

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