About Betsy Chasse

Betsy Chasse is an award winning filmmaker (What The Bleep Do We Know?!, Song of the New Earth, Pregnant In America) and best selling author (Tipping Sacred Cows, It Came Out of My Vagina, Now What?! – A book on Conscious Parenting) You can learn more about her at www.betsychasse.net

I Chose Life: Stories of Suicide & Survival

Film as Activism in Understanding Mental Health May is Mental Health Awareness Month. On May 10, filmmaker Jacqui Blue released her second documentary, I Chose Life: Stories of Suicide & Survival.  This followed a virtual premiere screening event on the 7th. Jacqui Blue felt it was important to address suicide by covering multiple aspects of [...]

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The (not so) Little Book of Surprises by Deidre Hade, William Arntz, and Endre Balogh

Let’s face it. We could all use a little more beauty, inspiration, and SURPRISE in our lives (ok, good surprises that is). That’s what The (not so) Little Book of Surprises is. In a world flooded with self-help manuals, it’s refreshing to find a book that is so full of wisdom. A book that doesn’t [...]

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Buddhist Economics

Buddhist Economics author Clair Brown Let’s face it. Most of us are still reeling from the 2016 election. Dazed and confused, we are floundering about posting furiously on our social feeds about all the craziness that is happening around us. Desperately hoping this is all just a bad dream we will soon wake [...]

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Life Unscripted: Zhena Muzyka

Zhena Muzyka shares her story rising from a single mother to entrepreneur, author, and publisher. When I first met Zhena, I have to be honest, I was intimidated and a bit jealous. Here was a woman who had everything I wanted and everything “my lizard brain” (as she calls it) was programmed to resent. But [...]

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Life Unscripted: Daniel Ladinsky

Life Unscripted: Daniel Ladinsky sits down with Betsy Chasse to talk about Rumi, Hafiz, and his journey as a book author I was first introduced to the Sufi poet Hafiz in a yoga class.  I can’t even remember to poem the teacher read, but it spoke to me, and I immediately sought out this Hafiz [...]

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Films with Spirit

Consciousness takes top billing on the Cinema Marquee When we think about the previous year in review from the perspective of films focused on the spiritual themes, it feels as though 2014 was the year Conscious Cinema expanded beyond its usual niche. By the way, Conscious Cinema is not my term, it’s a phrase coined [...]

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